July 19, 2024

Italy hosts #Pragma Conference for iOS & OS X Developers

While many events around the world focus on programming for Apple devices, #Pragma Conference is the only major event found in Italy. While it is hosted in Europe, the event is open to anyone around the world who’d be willing to obtain a ticket.

The #Pragma Conference is a two day event spanning October 9-10. Most of the talks and track workshops open on the 10th running from 9AM to 7PM. A few workshops occur on the 9th with a full list of workshops available on the website.

Pragma Conference in Florence

Topics including various Cocoa API platforms like iCloud connection, Core Data fundamentals, and multi-threading.

The list of speakers is equally as fascinating with people appearing from all over the world. Some names include Christoper Downer of Bohemian Coding & Hannes Verlinde who does iOS programming for Facebook.

Check out the #Pragma Conf website to learn more and to grab some tickets. If you don’t have time to make it then be sure to look around for similar iOS events. You can also plan for next year’s #Pragma event by following their latest updates on Twitter @pragmamarkorg.

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