June 18, 2024

Useful Premium Plugins For Designers And Developers

What kind of clients do you craft websites for? Some of your projects may be based on WordPress, while others you may complete with Joomla, OpenCart, or other platforms. Whatever your CMS of choice, it’s necessary to enlist several plugins that complement the unique requirements that arise for each new project.

Premium plugins are the top-rated resources that creatives deem to be proficient. They are comprised of a practical mixture of features, not to mention coupled with reliable documentation and support, and constantly updated. If you’re interested, I put together a list with 16 premium plugins that could turn out to be very useful over this season.

LayerSlider Premium Multi-Purpose Slider Plugin

There is no better way to start than with LayerSlider. I know that many of my peers turn to  this premium multi-purpose slider during projects made with any platform, because it provides professionals with a clean path to setting up image galleries, content sliders, and slideshows. You may use this tool in one of its 13 skins, depending on your predisposition and taste. The admin interface is smooth, and complete with a drag-and-drop builder.

LayerSlider is cross-device responsive, and SEO-ready. It’s brimming with features, and offers various options that help you work on your sliders’ function and look. To begin with, there are 200 preset 2D and 3D slide transitions to speak of. However, you would also have no trouble using the transition builder and customize attractive animations, really fast. This plugin has timeline view, and live preview for every step you take within the builder. Furthermore, users can add content like text and Google Fonts, to HTML, HTML5 self-hosted videos, Youtube or Vimeo videos, and images.

Prestashop Short Code

Shortcodes are amazing. They have the power to simplify some of your tasks to the extreme, so why wouldn’t you reach out to an advanced tool that gives you this opportunity? That being said, it is my great pleasure to tell you all about this recent gem I’ve discovered: the Bootstrap Shortcode Extension for Prestashop. It has many uses, and so allows you to insert   grids, Font Awesome icons, portfolios, alerts, buttons, tabs, the toggle and Accordion functions, thumbnails , sliders , site base URL, and much more. Basically, this exhaustive pack of shortcodes for Prestashop has got you covered in every sense.

Create Multiple Forms

OpenCart is a great platform to launch web stores with. We’ve all used it on more than one occasion. Yet, as you did so, you might have hit a little snag when it comes to form building. OpenCart is, in fact, in dire need of a drag-and-drop functionality in that area. The plugin I’m about to introduce creates that desired drag-and-drop form system. Hence, you will find it much more comfortable to set up advertising forms, contact forms, support forms, ticket forms, and whatnot, on OpenCart. The premium way to Create Mutiple Forms is backed by solid code, and adapted for all the major web browsers.

Frontend Administrator Menu

Now, let’s turn our attention for a while to Joomla websites. It is a widely accepted reality that working with the Joomla Administrator means opening multiple tabs in your browser for access to both back-end and front-end tasks. I was lucky to find an awesome plugin, Adminbar, that helps you deal with all pages in the front-end. Besides, it has multilingual support,and enables you to establish permissions for specific user groups, as well as determine what specific menu items users can manage.

CSV to WordPress Import Plugin

Are you one of the many users of an AIT WordPress theme? If the answer is yes, then you might be happy to learn that there is a simple and effective way to bulk import data from CSV file to WordPress. I am referring to a brilliant plugin from AIT. The CSV to WordPress Import Plugin can also be used to upload pages and posts. But mind you, this plugin is only meant for AIT themes. So, if you own anything starting from the Creator Theme, to Business Finder, you’re all set.


We can’t speak of e-commerce websites without approaching the subject of what is the best way to increase its visitor-to-client conversion rate. The more you know about your target audience, the better, so you have to know how to ask. If you go for a lovely plugin named SurveyFunnel, you are going to create a highly targeted and responsive list. It is compatible with all major auto-responder services, can be integrated with any brand identity, and enables you to collect e-mails via engaging surveys, along with offering powerful analytics.


Social following and sharing matter if you desire high incoming traffic for your website. Readers can really appreciate your content, but might decline the option to share it with their acquaintances, if they are not provided with a quick and easy way to do that. Monarch is the brainchild of Elegant Themes, and the most sophisticated social sharing plugin I’ve ever seen. With it, you can choose from 40 social networks, design gorgeous buttons, and place them in either of 8 different locations on your web page.

Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin

How well do you fare with e-mail marketing? I guess it would be pointless to ask if you want your websites to be properly integrated with MailChimp, but how well did you manage, thus far? Chimpy is a sure way to create that viable MailChimp WordPress connection. It’s an all-in-one solution for synchronizing all WordPress users with MailChimp, making sign up forms that look wonderful, then display them in pop-ups, and display comment forms. In addition, you can lock up some content that is only accessible to subscribers.

Lizatom Shortcodes Plugin

As I mentioned in a previous paragraph, there is every reason to work with shortcodes as you create websites. If you base them on WordPress, then you might wish to consider using Lizatom Shortcodes Plugin. This is a premium resource through and through, with 5000 shortcodes on the table. Additionally, you can expect to find info boxes, tooltips, pricing tables, and CSS3 buttons. In the case of virtual stores, you will be able to customize beautiful order lists, and use a 3D shadow effect on product images.


You shouldn’t stop at anything to give your website user a proper way to interact within the community you’ve formed. In this sense, you can opt for a premium plugin that supports profile management. UserPro has been widely acclaimed, so it would make for a fine choice. In essence, it helps you create member directories using loads of display options, as well as registration forms for many purposes. Even further, you can include one-click paths to social networks.

Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions

Perhaps you’re dealing with a WooCommerce web shop that sells subscriptions to some service or another. If you really wish to control every aspect related to WooCommerce subscriptions, then Subscriptio would really come in handy. This is a premium extension for the popular WordPress plugin, and it helps you configure then deal out subscriptions. You can establish the frequency of reminders, and the length suspension periods. Subscriptio has a homely admin interface, which offers many filters and hooks that are appealing for developers.

Content Timeline

There is no doubt about it, content displayed in timelines is exceptionally well received by website visitors. If your website content is rather condensed, then Content Timeline comes to the rescue. It is a first-rate plugin for WordPress, which lets you set up a timeline, with 11 customization options. You may add countless groups and numbers, and the timeline allows you to display information in ambivalent points – to the right, and to the left.

FrontEnd Page Builder

You can go many ways to create WordPress websites, and some are easier than others. The ultimate goal is to come up with a fresh and handsome-looking website that people can visit across all known browsers and devices. The plugin named FrontEnd Page Builder liberates you from tedious technical tasks, has an awesome support team, and provides an uncomplicated way to complete client projects. A series of preset elements are available, and you can easily bend them to your will.


Content images can have various effects on the audience of a website, but the longer they secure your visitors’ attention, the better the odds of their closing a purchase. I am referring, of course, to merchant websites. Why not use a plugin to map out your images with attractive pins? Since it’s cross-device responsive, and versatile, iMapper would make an excellent choice. You can rely on some of its pre-styled pins, or work to integrate pins of your own design.

Mega Slider

What tools do you use in order to create slides for Drupal? My vote goes to the Mega Slider module. It sports such a welcoming admin interface, and offers an easy way to add images, videos, and text to sliders on your website. Plus, it is optimized for devices with touch-swipe function.

Advanced Layered Navigation Extension for Magento

Do you need to integrate layered navigation into your Magento virtual shop? It would allow site visitors to filter selections simply, and not wait for the page to refresh. Piece of cake, if you get your hands on the Advanced Layered Navigation Extension for Magento. It’s quick to install, and easy to command.

I have nothing more to add to this selection of astute premium plugins for website creators. It is rich enough to answer to your every need, but it’s compiled from my perspective, so it describes a subjective standpoint. What are your thought on the matter? Did you work with any of these premium plugins in your previous projects, and how did that work out for you? May you have a fruitful and productive streak, this autumn!



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