July 19, 2024

Puppies Jumping Into Swimming Pools Make for Unbelievably Cute Photos

If you haven’t smiled yet today, you’re about to. That’s because photographer Seth Casteel — the man behind the NY Times bestseller and viral sensation Underwater Dogs — is back with another installment of his series that promises to be even more adorable than the first.

How could this possibly be, you ask? Well, for this second iteration, Casteel taught 1,500 puppies how to swim, making the resulting photo book so squee-inducing you might just explode from all the cuteness.

The 72 underwater photographs Casteel captured over the course of these swim lessons have been compiled into the book Underwater Puppies, which is already available at Barnes & Noble for $13.65.

As with Underwater Dogs, Casteel captures that magical moment that the pups first enter the water, all excitement, enthusiasm, and in some cases reticence or wide-eyed surprise. It really is just about guaranteed to put a smile on your face:




Many of the puppies like Corey here, were from rescue shelters and had not experienced swimming or jumping into a pool.


“Popsicle” taking the plunge for the first time.


Brothers “Ike” and “Zeke” were convinced to jump in together at the same time.





“Bailey” looks so happy!







The purpose of the book goes beyond just making you smile though. The message of the series, he writes, is three-fold:

#1 – Water Safety for Pets. Each year, thousands of pets drown in backyard swimming pools in the United States because proper safety measures have not been taken by their human companions. These terrible tragedies CAN BE PREVENTED. If you are a pool owner or your dog has access to a pool, please consider all precautions including limiting access to the pool, alarms, proper pool exits and most importantly, teaching your pet how to get out of the pool in case they choose to go in, or accidentally fall in.

#2 – Rescue and Adoption… The goal was to feature some Amazing Rescue Puppy Ambassadors to remind people that adoption is a wonderful option!



If you think these are cute then click the “NEXT” button below and take a look at Carli Davidson’s version of puppy pics. I promise you will smile!

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