May 23, 2024

32 Examples of Real Estate Website Design

Tycoons and small-time businessmen alike can see the value of real estate development. Everyone needs a place to live and most companies need a place to work. Property is a valuable asset and it’s definitely big business.

But are real estate developers cursed to use web design trends from the early 2000s? I say nay.

In fact I’ve hand-picked a gallery of excellent examples of real estate website design¬†for your perusal. These developers may not be able to compete with the notorious Bluth Company legacy, but their websites sure can.


intercontinental real estate corp

Synergy Investments

synergy investments real estate


jackson shaw real estate

Samuels & Associates

samuels associates website homepage

ICO Group

ico group development homepage


cornish associates real estate

Polaris Pacific

polaris pacific real estate

GFC Development Inc

gfc development inc homepage

National Development

real estate firm national development


nordblom fullscreen homepage layout


gilbane real estate company

Paolino Properties

paolino properties real estate firm website

Fifield Companies

fifield real estate investment corp

Beacon Communities

beacon communities llc website design

TMG Partners

tmg partners real estate investing sanfran

Green Pointe Homes

green pointe homes website


bulfinch company homes real estate

MacFarlane Partners

macfarlane partners real estate firm

Urban Development

urban development partners real estate

Silverstein Properties

silverstein properties real estate

PIDC Philadelphia

pidc philadelphia website homepage

Lincoln Property

lincoln property real estate firm

Pearl Properties

real estate dev firm pearl

Redstone Properties

redstone properties investments

BET Investments

bet investments real estate

Bauhouse Group

bauhouse group real estate

White + Burke

white and burke real estate

Killian Pacific

killian pacific homepage fullscreen bg

Blume Company

blume company real estate firm layout

C.E. John

ce john real estate development

Developers Collaborative

developers collaborative real estate

Foresight Development

foresight portland real estate dev

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website


  1. Kristina Hughes Reply

    This is the first time i just see together these real estate websites.. Great resource for the real estate field personals to get inspiration from these websites..

  2. Manmay Mehta Reply

    UI is the most important aspect from customers’ point of view. It is something through which people connect with you. Be it a real estate or any other industry, a lot of things depend upon the user experience you give to your customers. It is one of the driving forces of your online business.

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