June 18, 2024

Retalk Catalogs the best Talks on Design & Development

It can take 15-20 minutes of browsing YouTube to find a good video on the topic you’re looking for. Conferences around the world often record their presentations and set the up on video sharing websites for free. Sometimes you’ll even find playlists of these videos, but who has the time to keep up on the latest releases?

Thankfully a new project named Retalk is meant to simplify the process of finding presentations from design/dev conferences.

Right on their homepage you’ll find the most recent videos along with relevant categories like JavaScript, Ruby, React.js, and a handful of others. Videos are curated from YouTube channels and other sites where conference organizers upload their content for free.

Retalk homepage

The site is completely free to use and all content is hand-curated by the creators at Studio Zero. Browsing is also easy thanks to keywords, categories, and events organized into segments(like Full Stack Fest 2015).

A dizzying array of unique topics have been added with new videos published every month.

If you’re someone who enjoys watching talks and conference presentations then Retalk should be your next bookmark. It’ll save you loads of time searching Google & YouTube for the latest videos, plus it offers the highest level of organization than any other video compilation website. You can also follow new site updates on the official Twitter account @retalkorg.


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