July 17, 2024

SassConf in Austin runs from November 11th-14th

Who doesn’t love a great conference? I’m frequently covering the most interesting conferences and while they are simply amazing, there are also way too many of them. A good way to find confs is to search your interests and attend upcoming events that might work with your schedule.

Frontend developers with a focus on Sass/SCSS may enjoy the SassConf 2015 event hosted in Austin, TX. It’ll run as a 3-day conference with a pre-conference event on the 11th. You can pick up tickets for either the 12th-14th, or pay extra for all four days.

You’ll find a ton of info right on the SassConf website including dates, speakers, and ticket prices.

sassconf website

Interestingly enough the organizers were so passionate that they released the site as an open source project on GitHub. This means you can fork the site and even make your own changes. Not super practical, but the coolest stuff never is.

The lineup of speakers is huge including Tab Atkins-Bittner, Jackie Balzer, and Miriam Nadler. Visit the speakers list to see a full collection of all presenters.

While November 11th may be a little too soon, others should get their tickets ASAP to ensure there’s still enough room.

But if you can’t make it this year be sure to follow along with SassConf updates on their official Twitter account @SassConf.


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