June 18, 2024

SassDoc is your local built-in Documentation Creator

If you work in Sass then you know it’s an incredible language with many benefits. One of the most confusing aspects tends to be a management of things like variables, mixins, and other Sass-related things.

Well SassDoc offers a free open source solution to this problem. Now you can compile your own custom-built Sass documentation for any local project right from the command line.

This may be confusing to non-Sass users but it’s really incredible when you understand the possibilities. Take a look at this sample page to see what a typical document looks like.

SassDocs page preview

All of the SassDoc code is free on GitHub with platforms for Gulp, Grunt, and many other task managers.

You can learn more from the about page or by following the SassDoc Team on Twitter @SassDoc_.

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.

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