May 27, 2024
Muse For You - On Scroll Audio Effects in Adobe Muse Muse For You - On Scroll Audio Effects in Adobe Muse - Image

On Scroll Audio Effects in Adobe Muse

Add On Scroll Audio Effects in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.

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I have to admit – I am an audiophile (An audiophile is a person enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction).

I also love websites, and combining these two is like drinking a café mocha with a delicious scone on the side :P. I just recently downloaded an app called “Drop Flip.” It’s a fun little game where you have to drop a ball into a cup while going through various obstacles. Now the game was fun, BUT the part I loved the most were the sounds that were made when the ball would hit the different shapes before going into the cup. Nothing better then beautiful sounds perfectly timed to allow the user to experience information in a fun and refreshing way.

This is the same case with the “On Scroll Audio Effects” widget. This widget allows you to trigger sounds while the user is scrolling through the website. You assign the audio to an element and when the element reaches a certain point within the browser you will hear the sound. With accented audio effects you could give your website a whole new feel. We respond to information visually and sonically, and when both of these are combined you can really elevate the user experience when someone visits your website.

Muse For You - On Scroll Audio Effects in Adobe Muse Muse For You - On Scroll Audio Effects in Adobe Muse - Image

The widget is super simple to use. Simply drop the widget onto your Adobe Muse website, assign a graphic style name to the element you want to trigger the audio, add the audio, and then select at what point from the top of the browser you would like the audio to play. That’s it! You can have multiple audio effects play as the user scrolls through the website. You can also have the audio play every time the user scrolls past the element or just play the audio once.

I just recently applied an update to the widget that stops the previous audio from playing when another audio is triggered. This makes for very clear audio, and two audios will never overlap. You can watch an example of how to use the widget and where to access it in the video above. I go over few other widget updates as well. To access the widget visit Happy Musing!


John is an Adobe Muse ninja who spends most of his time creating Adobe Muse video tutorials and widgets for Adobe Muse. He is the creator of Muse For You. Visit for more Adobe Muse video tutorials and widgets.

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