June 18, 2024

What is Serpstack, and how can it help you?

I’m sure many of you know what SERP data is, but I think the best way to start this would be to give a brief explanation of what exactly Serpstack is. So…. what is it?


Serpstack is an API that was built for automated targeted search result (SERP) data gathering. The data is collected using a powerful proxy network as well as proprietary and scalable web scraping CAPTCHA solving technology. Phew, what a mouth full.


Now, again without all that technical mumbo jumbo: It’s an API that gathers SERP data and displays it in a JSON REST format.



So what do you get with Serpstack. I’m glad you asked. Take a look below:


  • Super simple integration – It doesn’t take much to integrate Serpstack into your routine. Within minutes, you’ll be scraping with the best of them.


  • Bank-level security protection – All data streams sent to and from the Serpstack API are 100% protected using bank-grade 256-bit SSL Encryption.
  • JSON, HTML, CSV & XML API – It’s easy to use and it’s incredibly quick. The serpstack API is capable of delivering API results in JSON, CSV, XML, and HTML format.
  • Full page scraping – A Google SERP consists of a few elements, including maps, answers, aps and even more — Serpstack will deliver all results to your application.
  • Use it anywhere – Serpstack will gather info from any city, state, country, and continent world wide.
  • Unrivaled speed – Just in case it wasn’t mentioned enough before, this API is fast. All data is in real-time, and it’s collected and sent back in a matter of milliseconds.
  • Incredible support – Serpstack is pretty easy to use, but just incase you do have questions of any kind, they have an incredible support and sales team ready for any question you can throw at them.




For something as intuitive as Serpstack, you would expect it to break the bank. But that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Serpstack has a total of 5 packages, and one of them is free. 


This API is truly scalable to any business. If you only need a few searches a week, no problem. What about a few thousand a day? They thought about that, too. There is a package for everyone, and it’s well worth the already miniscule cost.

Example of Serpstack at work

I’m always a fan of seeing things in action, so check this out:


Here we have a search for McDanold’s. Of course, this is just a small sample, and I couldn’t even fit all the data on screen. Nonetheless, this is a very good example of what the data the API collects will look like for you. It’s fairly simple and straightforward, but it’s still super cool.

Now what?

So we’ve gone over all the cool features and talked about what you can expect from Serpstack. Now what? Now you go and check it out yourself! 


Like I said before, it’s a very easy tool to learn. You won’t need any special training or anything like that to use it. Trust me, it’s a great bargain, and you’ll find a package, whether it’s premium or free that’s perfect for you. 



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