Showcase of Inspiring Foggy Photography

By / May 4, 2011 / Inspiration

Photography is a very powerful method of creation used to express emotions and internal thoughts. The feelings and auras emitted from different scenery can express a desire for creative energies. Many artists including myself frequently browse photographs for inspiration.

This heightened sense of creativity brings about fresh new ideas and a greater sense of accomplishment. Below I’ve included 55 very inspiring photographs depicting foggy scenery. From farmland to mountains and cityscapes, you’re bound to find some very inspirational works of art.

Foggy Mourning

Bundles of hay

Waiting for the miracle

Winter Contrasts

The Loop


The Bridge

A good day

Morning Flight

Atmosphere of a spring morning

limetree in fog

East Bay Hills

Foggy Friday

the village born from fog

Misty Trees

June trees

road to nowhere

Underneath the Veil

Curtains in the Fog

foggy forest

The First Scene


To the vanishing point



Fog paint


Morning tales


Lonely Bench

Dark Forest


limetrees in the rain

Foggy Horses

Foggy day


Marine Building


Dreaming of you

Out There

Environment Proof





Foggy Forest

The 3 graces


The View

foggy morning

Synaptic Haze


Frozen morning

Foggy day ranch story

Foggy Morning Street

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  • Christian

    Beatiful photos! Thanks for the list :)

  • David

    These are great. Amazing how fog can make the simplest of objects take on new life.

  • fdsao

    These are great. Amazing how fog can make the simplest of objects take on new life.

  • Evan

    Thanks for collecting all this beauty!

  • Julie

    Wow! These photos are amazing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  • Graham

    These photos are awesome. I feel so inspired and really appreciate the talent of the photographers. Thanks for the really great post.

  • Roy

    Nice Collection, I love this foggy pictures.

  • monica

    Beautifulllllll. I loved them!

  • Janet Edwards

    Your photos are STUNNING. I tried to choose and absolute favourite but lost myself in the next one and the next. A site well worth saving to my Favourites for a revisit.
    Thank you.

  • Danka Antas

    Great selection of works Jake! Thanks for sharing it as well as the black and white photography post. Very good choice!

  • patrick

    There are a couple of images I like. Nice set!

  • Meryem

    Now this is photography!
    Thank you.