May 25, 2024

Simbla Unveils the Future of Website Builders

Website builders have come a long way since the early days of Geocities and Angelfire, which is truly fortunate for businesses and consumers. Simbla has become one of the innovative leaders that keep pushing these builders to new and exciting levels, and 2017 is poised to offer the best experience to date.

A prime perk of website builders is that they have made it possible for even novices to create a professional looking site, but one of their biggest drawbacks has been a lack of integration with the latest and greatest features. For example, apps are everywhere these days, and all of your clients use them on a daily basis. However, even though apps are incorporated in so many other ways, website builders have been far behind on offering integrated web applications. This problem is being put to rest by the website builder, though, so you’ll be able to make a truly dynamic website that consumers can easily connect with. The best part? You’ll be in control of how the web applications work!

2016: The Year in Review  

To truly appreciate the major changes that Simbla is unveiling this year, it’s important to take a look back at where they’ve come from. Simbla kicked off 2016 with the launch of their comprehensive bootstrap website templates, along with the block method. Although many builders offer drag and drop technology, the block method introduced a much easier way to choose individual elements, or blocks, and put them in place on any webpage. In other words, standard templates can be given a new look by adding or deleting blocks at will.  

In mid-2016, Simbla reached new heights by adding an online database system. This is another example of Simbla’s commitment to offering an unusual website builder experience. One of Simbla’s primary goals is to enable users to make their site look like it was designed from scratch by a professional. With the online database system, users can now create a dynamic database and then easily connect this directly to their website.

The latter half of 2016 saw the release of many web widgets. These widgets were designed to work between the database and website in order to perform a wide variety of actions. In other words, customizing websites to create a unique look and feel became even easier.

2017: The Future of Website Builders

Even though Simbla has already developed several exciting new options for their website builder, the company is not going to merely rest on its laurels throughout 2017. Instead, the Simbla team has made a concentrated effort to turn the world of website builder software upside-down.

Long gone will be the days of having to choose between a seemingly endless list of website builders that all do the exact same thing. Now you’ll have the ability to add dynamic website applications that contain useful app widgets. These widgets will be able to drop down onto any of the user’s pages, making the process of using the site as simple and intuitive as possible.

Web application incorporation alone would be something to get excited about, but Simbla isn’t stopping there. When you create or update your website with Simbla’s software, you’ll gain the ability to completely control everything about the apps you choose, including their appearance and how they behave and work for users and admins. To tie in these improvements with last year’s developments, the apps will also use the database and all of its abilities to offer the best possible end result.

Standing Apart from the Crowd

As you can see, Simbla has created several new website builder options that make them stand apart from the crowded virtual sea that’s inundated with similar companies. Just as Simbla has done this to provide real value to website owners and users, it’s important for your company or personal site project to stand out from your competitors’ websites. One of the best aspects of choosing Simbla as your website builder is that you will automatically gain the tools needed to make your site look different and perform in new, user friendly ways.

It’s hard to know at this point what Simbla will do in 2018 and beyond, but they’ve already built a proven track record of innovation that makes it clear their future will continue to change the world of website builders. What we know for sure is that Simbla is becoming more than an average website builder. The company is going to change from a simple website builder in to a whole different concept. Simbla is offering a full business environment solution, a database in the backend, a designed website as an interface and web apps connecting them booth for a smooth user experience.


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