February 24, 2024

SpotClarify Guided Tours can improve Onboarding

An early-access release of SpotClarify is currently available for anyone interested. The site is more of a tool for building guided tours to help users sign up and grasp your product.

It relies on an in-page JavaScript engine to create tours visually. SpotClarify allows builders to craft their tours based on steps that align with individual areas of the page.

A native JS developer could create something like this on their own. But what about those who launch small startups or webapps without much development knowledge? SpotClarify is meant to fill that gap with an easy-to-use interface builder made for onboarding new users via tours.

SpotClarify homepage image

From the website’s homepage you can sign up for an early access once the product fully launches with beta testing. There is no official release date, but there is enough of a foundation to recognize the value of SpotClarify without any immediate features.

Granted this won’t be useful to everyone, but it does have a considerable audience of potential users traipsing the web for a solution just like this.

To stay up-to-date without registering for the beta you can follow the official Twitter account @SpotClarify.


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