Tag: amazing fonts

Summer Loving Font

Summer Loving Font Adds Tropical Vibes to Your Projects FOTW#6

When we, at Webdesignledger, love something, we make sure that it is shared with all of our readers. We appreciate hard work and we want to make known the designers who painstakingly create amazing fonts. Therefore, today’s blog post is about Nicky Laatz, the talented creator of Summer Loving Font.     Nicky Laatz has…

Silver South Font Duo

Choose Silver South Font Duo for a Memorable Design (FOTW#3)

We continue out series “Font of the Week” with one of the most expressive combo of fonts out there, Silver South Font Duo.   Designed by talented Sam Parrett, Silver South Font Duo is a classy, yet modern pair of script and and serif fonts. Nowadays, making your name a brand is more than “quite…

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