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15 Logos With Hidden Messages

Designing logos can be very difficult. When designing a logo you want it to stand out from the crowd yet still be really simple. Sometimes the designer is really clever and makes the logo very simple yet includes a hidden message within the logo that has deeper meaning. In this article we have 15 logos…

Amazon’s Terms of Service Now Cover the Zombie Apocalypse!

If the zombie apocalypse does happen sometime in the future, the world might end, but Amazon will still be on your side. Recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) updated its terms of service to include many new clauses and terms, including one special clause — one related to a type of zombie apocalypse.


Amazon Web Services Now Offers Free SSL/TLS

Amazon Web Services, the popular public cloud infrastructure provider, recently announced the launch of AWS Certificate Manager — a service that you can use to obtain TLS and SSL certificates for your websites for free. Yes, you read that right. Keeping in mind the rise in popularity of SSL certificates, especially after Google announced that…

Gifs on Shoes in Prototype Stage

Here is a great example of technology expanding into different creative mediums like fashion. ShiftWear Shoes is a creative startup placing custom animations on sneakers. The shoes display animated gifs in full color by using e-Paper technology, similar to that used by Amazon’s Kindle. This electronic paper is lightweight, flexible and resistant. There is a…

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