July 17, 2024

Gifs on Shoes in Prototype Stage

Here is a great example of technology expanding into different creative mediums like fashion. ShiftWear Shoes is a creative startup placing custom animations on sneakers. The shoes display animated gifs in full color by using e-Paper technology, similar to that used by Amazon’s Kindle. This electronic paper is lightweight, flexible and resistant. There is a battery embedded in the sole of the shoes that charges while you walk. The soles of the shoes are covered in Kevlar for protection and durability.

crumble animation shoes

Starry Night Shoes

vines animation

The animation on the sneakers can be controlled by a smartphone app and only uses power when switching animation designs giving it a long lasting battery life. The startup is on Indiegogo and has raised over 81K with 352 backers so far. The sneakers are still in the prototype page, but this is a unique development in wearable design.

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