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Create 3D Shapes in CSS with Tridiv Editor

Online dev tools are growing rapidly with a larger audience of new and experienced developers. One such area is code generation with more specific code generators focusing on particulars like CSS3 prefixes or animated effects. But another emerging area is 3D rendering based solely in HTML/CSS. The new site Tridiv lets you create abstract shapes…

30 Examples of Website Search Interface Design

Not many designers place enough focus on the benefits of creative search fields. For content-heavy websites most users will be prepared to search for what they’re looking for. If the search interface sucks then people will be forced to leave and hit Google, or worse… Ask Jeeves.

Codeply Playground for Responsive Frontend Development

The concept of frontend development in the browser would’ve seemed crazy just a decade ago. But now with apps like CodePen, jsFiddle, and Thimble, this almost seems like the norm. Codeply is another editor which covers a niche area of browser-based development: responsive design. Mobile responsive websites were also completely irrelevant(or nonexistent) 10 years ago….

CodePen releases a new Redesign for 2015

Today CodePen just announced their latest redesign as it went public to all users. This would be CodePen’s first big overhaul since it launched online to compete with other web-based IDEs like jsFiddle. You’ll note that while the design itself has been changed, CodePen’s entire experience has been improved. You can still search by tags…

User Interface Design Techniques for Mobile Web Applications

Having developed smaller projects using Objective-C/iOS I learned there are many benefits and drawbacks to native applications. HTML5 mobile web apps provide a quicker all-around experience for any mobile device – and even regular desktop monitors. This means you don’t need approval from a marketplace or app store and you can publish online right away.

CodePen Radio talks intricacies of the Web Development Business

The online cloud IDE platform CodePen has become a popular tool amongst frontend developers. It was co-founded by Chris Coyier, Alex Vazquez, and Tim Sabat a few years ago as a way to offer real-time updates on a web platform. With its tremendous success the three have created a podcast under the name CodePen Radio….

Introducing gradStop.js: A JavaScript Library for Equidistant Gradient Stops

If you’re a JavaScript developer then you probably love finding new tools. I’m always scouting GitHub and Twitter feeds to locate interesting new JS code libraries for project work. Siddharth Parmar is a developer on GitHub who just released a library called gradStop.js. It runs with Angular.js and gives developers control over creating & styling…

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