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Firefox Has a Rebrand in the Works

Even though most of us use Google Chrome nowadays, and maybe even Explorer for those of us that are little more patient, Firefox is still a common and recognizable name. That’s right, Firefox. In recent news, Firefox has a complete rebranding in the works. We’re not just talking about a new logo and a catchy…


Firefox 44 Now Supports Web Push

Push notifications have finally come to Firefox. With a new feature called Web Push, Firefox 44 can now inform you about WebRTC calls, website updates, incoming messages and email, etc.

Firefox For Windows is Now 64-bit

When it comes to web browsers on Windows, both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer had been offering 64-bit web browsing experience for quite a while. Mozilla Firefox, on the other hand, had remained firm on 32 bit until now. However, all of that has changed, and now, Mozilla Firefox on Windows is finally 64 bit….


Firefox OS Will No Longer Run on Smartphones

Mozilla has decided to put an end to its smartphone adventures, and henceforth, Firefox OS will no longer be available on newer smartphones. Ever since its beginnings in 2013, Firefox OS had struggled to find ground in the competitive smartphone market. Trying hard to carve a niche for itself in an industry otherwise dominated by…


Focus by Firefox, A Content Blocker For iOS

Recently, Mozilla launched a new tool that works with Safari, not Firefox. Yes, you read that right. Meet Focus, a free content blocker for Safari users on iOS 9 that gives you better control over your mobile browsing experience. You can use Focus to block trackers, such as those used for advertisements, analytics and social…

Dribbble Shots in every New Tab for Chrome and Firefox

An invite-only network of designers carries with it a certain weight of prestige. Dribbble is perhaps one of the more well-known portfolio sites with an incredible roster of designers. It offers an inspirational look at the live pulse of the design world. Popular shots are voted on by users and these tend to draw the…

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