July 19, 2024

Mozilla Releases Preview of Firefox Browser for iOS

For years tech fans & web designers have been anticipating the release of Mozilla’s beloved Firefox on mobile devices. And for years there hasn’t been much of an answer – until now.

According to Mozilla, the first round of public testing has started in New Zealand.

People with iOS devices can download the public release of Firefox and test it on their iPhone or iPad.

Mozilla’s goal is to collect feedback from one country to understand what’s working & what’s not. The goal is to slowly roll out Firefox with a few rounds of testing before releasing it globally.

firefox ios app testing preview

Here ares some interesting features to watch:

  • Firefox Accounts: You’ll be able to save your search history, passwords, and other browsing details to sync with desktops.
  • Visual Tabs: All tabs are visible as blocks with preview shots of each webpage.
  • Advanced Search: Specific search recommendations based on past history and relevant websites/news topics.
    • If you’d like to signup for public testing just visit this page and submit your info. Mozilla will be selecting various countries over the next few months to gather feedback from users.

      There is still no full public release date but we’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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