April 23, 2024

Skype Update for iOS & Android improves Navigation & Many other Features

The developers in Redmond, WA just released a brand new update to Skype for smartphones(version 6.0).

It focuses on improved usability for for small and larger screens. Plus with newer devices on the market, additional multitasking features have been added. It’s easier than ever to switch between a chat or call with a simple gesture.

A complete Android UI redesign has been submitted for both smartphones & tablets. You’ll also notice every updated app runs a small floating button with a flyout menu. This makes it easier to access important tasks.

There are so many features and they’re all diversified based on on individual devices. Check out the Skype blog post to learn more.

skyp update v6 android ios

Microsoft posted a brief update per the Skype iPad App page:

Tons of new features, including location sharing, new large animated emoticons, starting groups and chats, interacting with notifications, and sharing and receiving photos more easily.

If you’ve never used Skype this could be a great time to hop on board – especially if you’re in need of a new chat application.

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