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Chrome OS Will Soon Be Rocking Material Design

Recently, it was announced that with the latest update to the, Chrome 50, the web browser will be shifting to Material Design. However, Google does not seem to be stopping at just the web browser — Chrome OS too is moving towards Material Design, and these principles will soon be implemented in the operating system. 


Twitter is Testing Material Design for its Android App

Twitter is working on a new design and layout for its Android application, and if the opinion provided by beta testers is anything to go by, the new look of the official Twitter app shall be based on the principles of Material Design. 


An Introduction To Material Design

When Google released Android Lollipop, it also brought into the market its whole new Material Design concept. Ever since its debut, designers and technologists everywhere are full of praise for the new design language, but for those who are new to it, here is a look at what Material Design is all about. Basically, Material Design…

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Google Will Soon Introduce Material Design for Chrome

Ever since 2014, Material Design has been Google’s preferred design language, with the company encouraging its use in different applications and design projects. Many designers have been quick to adopt Material Design, especially in terms of Android apps and occasional web design projects. However, Google itself has not shown much favor to Material Design so…

Google’s Next Generation of Prototyping Tools

Google UX Designer Owen Otto, recently participated in a field study where he interviews designers who worked in the digital space to find out what the pain points where when in the process of design to production. The feedback he received was centered around the universal problem the limitation that surrounds tools designers use. Creating…

Google Borrows Santa’s Tech To Track His Sleigh

Google has teamed up with Santa’s developer Elves to bring you the Google Santa Tracker. The creative dashboard is Google latest festive release. During the month of December, you will be able to use the Google Maps Technology to track Santa’s Sleigh and progress around the world. The dashboard features Santa’s village filled with tiny…

Material Design UI Colors Palette Webapp

If you work with Google’s material design then you know all about this popular design language. It has suggestions for animations, styles, and various color choices. Well a new app named Material UI Colors offers a free color generator that follows in-line with Google’s desires. Anyone can use this app to generate colors that match…

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