May 28, 2024

Chrome OS Will Soon Be Rocking Material Design

Recently, it was announced that with the latest update to the, Chrome 50, the web browser will be shifting to Material Design. However, Google does not seem to be stopping at just the web browser — Chrome OS too is moving towards Material Design, and these principles will soon be implemented in the operating system. 

Considering the fact that Google wants Material Design to become a standard design concept on the internet and Chrome OS itself is heavily focused on the internet, it makes sense to bring Material Design to Chrome OS.


As of now, the plan is that Chromebooks should now have a hybrid layout, and the overall design should add more room between buttons and icons.

However, there will have to be certain changes, because not all devices running Chrome OS come with a touchscreen, and many users tend to prefer using the mouse to navigate in and within the operating system. That said, the basic principles and concepts of Material Design on the OS are expected to be same as those on Android and elsewhere.

To learn more about this development, check out the blog post authored by Google’s Senior Designer Sebastian Gabriel.

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