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Twitter is Testing Material Design for its Android App

Twitter is working on a new design and layout for its Android application, and if the opinion provided by beta testers is anything to go by, the new look of the official Twitter app shall be based on the principles of Material Design. 


Twitter Now Offers Accessible Images For Everyone

Twitter recently turned ten-year old, and to celebrate its birthday, it made its interface friendlier and easier to use for those with visual impairment. In other words, Twitter has made images on its site more accessible for everyone. 


Fabric: Twitter’s New App For Developers

Twitter has recently released a new app meant exclusively for developers, named Fabric. This app also happens to be the first one that Twitter has developed from scratch; other apps such as Vine and Periscope are basically acquisitions.

You Can Now Watch Periscope Videos in Twitter on iOS

For quite a while now, Periscope has served as a popular app for creating and broadcasting your videos live on social media. However, now, iOS users no longer need the Periscope app to watch videos posted by others, as all of that can be done right from within the Twitter app itself. So far, each…

Free e-Book: Web Design Trends 2015 & 2016

This last year marked a huge leap in web design, with the dominance of mobile browsing and the increase in HD devices. Everything from typography to layouts has been restyled to suit the tastes and expectations of modern users, and the best practices of even just a few years ago can nowadays make a site…

Got a Startup Idea? Send it onto @Request4Startup to get Featured

Have you ever thought of something that would really improve your workflow, but you just don’t have the skills to make it? Request for Startup is a service that brings all these ideas together into one curated feed. Twitter users can send an idea to @Request4Startup for a chance to be featured on the site….

Namevine Instant Domain & Social Account Search

Common domain search engines can check if a domain name is free while offering potential alternatives. These tools are great and have worked well for decades. But in the modern era of web development we often need a little more. A domain isn’t always enough – most websites & webapps require social accounts on Twitter,…

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