July 19, 2024

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for You and Your Team

Design/development work is seldom a solo effort. Even when that is the case, collaborating with those offering feedback is still a good idea. For teams, effective collaboration is often key to a project’s success. Without it, cost overruns and missed deadlines can be commonplace.

Setting up a manual system for team collaboration is a sound policy. But the effectiveness of manual systems can be difficult to maintain. This is especially when large or multiple projects are involved.

Tools provide a better approach. Once in place, collaboration tools like those discussed here make team collaboration easy. This is especially true when collaborating can be done from a single platform.


  1. Mason

When was the last time you were able to design, build, and deploy a digital product from a single platform? If the product was in any way complex, your answer is probably “never”. A similar answer might apply if you were asked how you went about making changes to a deployed product without having to wait until the next deployment cycle.

That’s where Mason is different. From its front-end-as-a-service platform, you can design, build, and deploy in real time. What Mason does is to take a digital product and break it down to its constituent parts (its so-called “atomic” level). The product is then re-assembled and ready for additions or changes and deployment.

It’s basically a process of drag and drop, design, and publish, plus many changes can be made, some by non-tech users, without having to repeat a deployment cycle.

Collaboration? Doing everything on a single platform and in real time promotes collaboration and makes it a no-brainer.



  1. monday.com

monday.com may be one of the most versatile team management tools on the market. It’s equally suitable for a team of two or a team of thousands, it’s used by agencies, startups, and Fortune 500 companies, and it doesn’t matter whether your team is high-tech or non-tech.

Non-tech oriented teams, which make up about 70% of monday.com’s users, like monday.com because it’s not only intuitive, but it relieves team members of having to sit through long whiteboard presentations, attend one meeting after another, or spend time sifting through Excel spreadsheets in search of nuggets of useful information.

monday.com provides colorful and informative displays, it helps teams manage every detail of their work from high-level planning to daily tasks, while promoting team transparency and collaboration.


  1. Fleep — Collaboration Software

Fleep provides the type of administrative control over teams, their conversations, and their accounts, under a centralized management system that leads to peace of mind. All that’s needed to set up and use a Fleep account is an internet connection.

Once that is done, you can securely store information associated with conversations on the cloud and pin important messages on the side of each conversation where everyone can see them. Fleep conversations are text-based, but this application interacts with appear.in to enable audio or video calls.

Fleep operates on PC, Mac or Linux, and a mobile app is available for operating on Android, and iPhone platforms. Sign up for the free Basic Plan account, or for a 30-day Business Plan account trial.


  1. Visual Inspector

If you’ve been struggling to collaborate website design issues, collaborate website copy with copy writers, or coordinate changes with team members or clients, Visual Inspector could be exactly what you need. Visual Inspector is a feedback collaboration tool for designers and developers that allows changes to be made to live websites without the need for coding.

Visual Inspector has a user base of 40,000 users representing many of the top design/development agencies.



Perhaps you already have a manual collaboration system in place. Such a system is often easy to set up and get running smoothly. But over time manual systems tend to become less effective. This is especially when complex or multiple projects are involved.

Use the right tool to manage your collaborative efforts. You will be able to avoid degradation or breakdowns and you’ll find it’s worth its weight in gold.

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