The Best Free Icon Sets of 2009

By / Nov 12, 2009 / Freebies

In 2009 we’ve witnessed many talented and generous designers creating tons of amazing stuff and giving it away for us to use. We’ve already shown you all of the best free fonts from this past year. Now we’re going to show you the best free icon sets. There were plenty of free sets created this year, but these stand above the rest in terms of quality and usefulness.


free icons

Onebit Icon Set 2

free icons

Hand Pointer Icons

free icons

WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set

free icons

Led Icon Set

free icons


free icons

Grunge Peeling Stickers

free icons


free icons

Web Injection

free icons

Watercolor Icon Pack

free icons


free icons

Flavour Extended

free icons

Social Media Icons

free icons

Must Have Icons

free icons

Social Icons Hand Drawn

free icons

Weby Icons

free icons


free icons

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  • olybop

    Amazing selection ! Thx !

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    This is great collections, my favorite ones is mini icons

  • Jason

    Nice roundup, thanks.

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    Great list..nice icons! Thanks…

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    Would like to see the best logo designs for 2009. This is a great set of free icons.

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  • Gabe

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Always need new icons, and these are great. I really appreciate the big sets (100+) of icons. Thank you to all that contributed.

  • Samoo

    It’s a pity “Fruttabuona” our first free icons package has not been mentioned, but we’lll work harder to get into next list!
    Great collection!

  • 39CentStamp

    Awesome! Thanks webdesignledger and icon authors! Thanks for Fruttabuona, Samoo!

  • Design Informer

    Nice! We all love free icons.

  • codyL

    Loving this list! All over it!

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    Great resource. Thanks for putting this list together.

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    very nice… <3 the grungy ones

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    These are great! Thanks for sharing them – will definitely bookmark.

  • Rahul – Web Guru

    All nice icon in one page. :)

  • Dalesh Kowlesar

    Totally blown away by this collection. It must have taken a while to collect the BEST icon designs of 2009 since there were some awesome ones released this year.

  • julie

    WOW! I was just googling for icons today… lol… then i came to this FABULOUS post! thanks!

  • Xcellence IT

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    I’m gonna use this.. thanks for sharing

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    Amazing Collection of ICONS ! Thanx to the Web Dsign Ledger and all the designers who share this for free !

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    Excellent collection. Great article, thanks for sharing!!


    permission for review this post…xixixixixi great great

  • Orlando Web Design

    Thanks for the great icon sets. We’re working on our new website now, and I would love to have some of these in the design :)

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    A mega selection. Thanks

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  • Pusparaj

    Thanks for the pretty icons.

  • Chris

    Absolutely love the hand drawn ones, seriously cool! Don’t like the small ones though (LED set).

  • Jackyl

    Love the peeling stickers, excellent.