The Best Free Texture Packs of 2009

By / Dec 18, 2009 / Freebies

There are a few things that a designer can not have enough of in his or her design arsenal, and one of them is textures. So to continue our “Best of 2009″ series, we’ve selected the best free textures from this past year. Since there were so many textures released in 2009 by so many generous people, it is difficult to choose the best. However, we feel the ones here stand out in quality and usefulness, and will be valuable additions to your texture library.

You can also check out the rest of the “Best of 2009″ series at the bottom of this article.

Grungy Textures

Package – Metal – 9


11 Old and Grungy Film Textures


Nebulae Grunge


Grungy Textures


Ultimate Grunge Pack


Vintage Textures



Vintage III


Vintage Damask


Vintage V


Vintage IV


Wood Textures

Wood Panels Textures


Grungy Dirty Wood




Paint Textures

Painted textures vol. 12


High-Res Watercolor Textures


Textures 05


Paint Splatters


Paper Textures

Japanese Paper


Paper Pack


6 Old sheets of paper


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    i’ve also released a texture pack in 2009: 25 HQ Texture Pack

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