The Best Free WordPress Themes of 2009

By / Nov 25, 2009 / Freebies

In our “Best of 2009″ series, we’ve shown you fonts, icons, and Photoshop Tutorials. In this article, we’re presenting our picks for the best free WordPress themes of 2009. There were plenty of free themes created in 2009, but here are the ones that we feel had a little something extra that made them stand out from the crowd. If you think we missed or left one out, let us know about them in the comments.


wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme

Folio Elements

wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme


wordpress theme

Black Power

wordpress theme


wordpress theme

About the Author

Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • Vineeta Greenwood is a fantastic free theme. Have a look!

  • hi2005

    Those themes rocks. I like them.

    • Filipe

      very nice

  • Design Informer

    Nice collection! magazeen theme is great!

  • Martin Thompson

    Nice collection, thankyou.

  • Renee Benzaim

    I really like Vintage and Manifest. I can’t want to start my next blog so I can use one of them. Or maybe I’ll change one I already have. Thank you for your lists.

  • Theme Coupon Codes

    Wow! great list, like that the latest theme from WooThemes made it to number 2. on the list 😀

  • kosaidpo

    i like the 6th one its so clean and by the way i ve got some great wp theme on here check it out

  • Edwingraf


  • Irene Suwarno

    I like Glassical and Gallery.

  • Alex Flueras

    Excellent list, thanks for sharing!

  • BeyondRandom

    I love that so many great themes are free now! Thanks for sharing.

  • razr

    Great collection here, I really like the selecta theme from obox.

  • Oli

    very cool! thanks. i love the great themes.

  • Jannis Gerlinger

    Impressive works. I like this clean modern style.

  • Paul Kadysz

    Thanks for featuring FREEmium theme. We’re going to release another one soon. Thanks again! (;

  • Mihai Opariuc

    Those themes are great! :)

  • Nathan

    IMO the best theme out there is Freemium, I used it for few months before redesigning the site on my own. Big recommendations from me!

  • David Perel

    Thanks very much for listing ‘Selecta’ Henry. It’s awesome to see our theme among some of these main players :)

  • WordPress Themes

    Great Collection . Keep adding more.


  • Jordan Koschei

    I like Manifest – great typographic design.

  • Premium Mod

    Superb collection, nice work!

    Have you checked out some of our modded themes here: ?

    They are all free too!

  • James Morrison

    How did Bueno (#2) make it onto this list of “best free WordPress themes of 2009″? It’s only been out 2 days!

    Otherwise a good selection of themes.

  • wordpressblog

    very nice theme,Vintage ,like it

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  • Linda

    Wow… what great collections… I’m so glad I discovered this site… gonna be fun pokin’ around in here… 😉

  • Scott Dahlstrom

    I recently switched my blog to imprezz. It’s a great theme. Thanks for the great article.

  • James

    Good list, but you’re missing 1 critical theme. That is Suffusion by Sayontan Sinha.

    I’m running it on my technology blog THE Tech Scoop ( and absolutely love it.

    To download the theme go here:

  • Waasys

    yeah, some good themes this year!

  • willy

    i think the themes of 2008 is better..

  • David Walsh

    Thanks loads for these. There’s lots to choose from. My work has got a lot easier now that I have these to select from.

    Many thanks again,


  • ipage review

    superb collection. lovely
    perfect for new year gift

  • clicknepal

    Super Cool Themes. Thank you so much.

  • Nonoy

    I have bias on woothemes so i like mainstream.

  • jay

    Imprezz is one of my favorites i was using that for sometime until i switched, nice list tho and great post.

  • SEO Southport

    Ive just found this site and love it, ive started doing most of my websites in WordPress, it awesome, and these themes are good too, althogh i had to tweak the vintage one as it didnt work on first install?

  • Martin

    My favorite is the vintage one!

  • Broadway SEO

    Very nice themes, im looking for a few for our new blog..will save this post.

  • Sagive

    Love it men, finnaly ended the long search :)

  • Cornell Kutchera

    Thank you very much for the cool wordpress themes, I have been seeking for a while and these templates are what I trully like to use one my blog.

  • e11world

    There are a bunch here that are truly amazing!!! Nice list!