April 16, 2024

Themify Helps You Say Goodbye to Boring Website Templates

WordPress is used to power an estimated 27.4 percent of all websites, and templates in general are popular across all sites. In other words, the search for templates and themes that are compatible with WordPress is very prevalent among professional and hobbyist designers. In the past, this led to a long and boring list of template options that could only be tweaked in minor ways.

Although this was a huge success story at first as it allowed people to break away from doing their own HTML coding, the reality is that the look and feel of many of these templates is no longer up to par. Fortunately, Themify offers a new way of looking at the popular website building option. Instead of being stuck with the exact layout of the theme you choose, you now have an unprecedented level of control.

Themify Ultra Takes Things to a New Level

Themify Ultra is by far the most powerful WordPress creation that the Themify team has developed. Designers of all skill levels will enjoy the vast selection of choices that transform the basic theme into a professional looking and fully responsive website. This theme is alterable through the easy to use drag and drop builder.

Have you ever found a template you adored but wanted to tweak the header, background or footer? Perhaps you’ve also encountered issues getting the layout to cooperate for single posts and archives. With Themify Ultra, you’ll gain access to a robust list of customizable layout choices that will enable you to truly make the resulting website unique.

Header/Page Styles 

First up is the impressive list of header/page styles. Your theme can be altered to feature any of 15 styles that range from the Header Magazine look to a Header that slides out from the left or right-hand side of the page. You can also choose no header at all, which is ideal for any landing pages that you are planning to build.



Header Background Options

Next, there are six header background options to improve upon the header you select. Again, you can choose between a nice array of looks such as an image, a slider or animating colors. You can even upload a video, which is a nice feature that is a lot of fun to work with.

Footer Layouts

It would be odd to have so many customizations available for the header without also giving some love to the footer. Themify provides six footer styles, and each style can be further altered with widgets, a menu, credit text and visibility toggling.


Single Post Layouts

Themify Ultra comes with a default single post layout, but it doesn’t end there. Users have four more layouts to choose from, including gallery style and split.


Archive Layouts

An archive is something that most website template designers have given little to no thought to. This is evidenced by the complete lack of a designated archive layout that is found within most website builders. Themify has again stepped up to provide users with yet another useful way to set their site apart from the competition. Choose from six archive layouts that can each be further customized through visibility toggling of several components.

Introducing: Section Scrolling

One of Themify’s newest features is also among the most exciting! Section scrolling has been designed to allow website visitors to scroll one row at a time through your entire page design. This mimics the concept of a presentation slideshow and can be extremely useful for a wide variety of online businesses. Unsurprisingly, Themify took this beyond the basics by offering six ways to configure section scrolling so that it fits in the best with the rest of your layout.

Pre-Designed Layouts Offer Simplicity


All of the cool stuff that Themify can do is only going to be as useful as your level of skill and patience. For example, if you don’t want to make a bunch of decisions about the layout of your site, you’re probably not going to spend a lot of time tweaking things such as your footer and header. However, website owners who still want to end up with the best possible appearance can select from more than 60 pre-designed layouts.

Much like every other pre-designed template that is offered by website builders, you’ll be able to look through your options, pick your favorite and plug your own words and images into the provided boxes. Unlike most pre-designed layouts, Themify has impressive parallax landing pages available for their layouts. This helps ensure an end result that doesn’t look like it was quickly put together with an existing layout. Instead, users get professional quality results without needing to hire a website designer.

Of course, even if you are working with a professional, Themify is a great way to get a look and feel you truly like. If this is what you’re planning to do, though, it makes the most sense to give the website designer access to Themify Ultra so that they can tweak your site more extensively.


Free Bonus Builder Addons

The Ultra theme becomes an even better bang for your buck when you take advantage of the builder add-ons. With a simple click, you can access and add elements to your website that include a pricing table, a contact form, a map, a progress bar and a timeline. Themify values this add-on pack at $100, but they toss it in free of charge with Ultra.

Image Filters

We’re living in an Instagram world, which means that images need to be hip in order to capture attention. Themify removes the need to purchase expensive editing software such as Photoshop by offering built-in filters. There’s also a portfolio feature and you can utilize website alterations such as overlays, animated colors and gradient colors to make your site truly pop!

What We Love

Now that we’ve provided a breakdown of some of Themify’s best features, it’s time to look at what really works for us. We absolutely love all of the layout customizations that come with Themify Ultra. The pre-designed layouts, add-ons and image features are also a nice touch, as is the easy to work with WooCommerce Shop.

What We Don’t Love

There’s nothing about Themify that we actively dislike, but it would be nice if the image customizations offered more filter choices. Additionally, the long list of custom options that can be used with Ultra is almost too long! People who are indecisive by nature may take a while to make their final selections as a result.

Final Thoughts

Themify is one of the most powerful WordPress compatible website builders we’ve ever encountered. The ability to change almost every single detail of a layout without needing to know HTML or CSS coding is a game changer, and we suspect most intermediate to advanced users will choose to make a lot of alterations. This couldn’t possibly be easier thanks to the drag and drop technology.

Those who want a very quick and simple way to build a website can’t go wrong with the pre-built templates, although upgrading to Themify Ultra’s wonderful level of creative control will offer a much more unique result. Ultimately, we love and highly recommend Themify for a wide variety of website needs!   





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