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To say that Twitter is popular and lots of people use it, would be a massive understatement. But the more popular a web service becomes, the more people you have wishing it could do more. Thankfully, there are some of these people that are willing to act on their wishes and build tools to enable this “missing” functionality and help make a service like Twitter even better. Here are 7 of these tools that will help you do more with Twitter.


twitter tools

TwileShare is a free service that allows you to share files on Twitter. Supported file types include: PNG, GIF, JPG, DOC or PDF.


twitter tools

dlvr.it provides bloggers, publishers and brands a way to instantly syndicate content directly to twitter.


twitter tools

Nurph gives users an easy way to extend conversations by chatting in real-time with your Twitter friends and giving followers the ability to watch.

The Archivist

twitter tools

The Archivist is a service that uses the Twitter Search API to find and archive tweets, and displays visualizations to help you understand trends such as the number of Tweets over time, top users and words, sentiment, and more.


twitter tools

Qwerly is a whois for Twitter. For every Twitter user that is looked up , it generates a simple profile with links to that person’s other profiles on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Last.fm, Delicious and many, many more. This helps people discover where their friends and other interesting people hang out online.


twitter tools

Twoolr provides Twitter users with loads of statistics about their account.


twitter tools

Buffer makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule tweets. Work out all your tweets at one point in time during the day. Then fill up your Buffer with your tweets and Buffer schedules them for you.

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  • http://bufferapp.com Leo Widrich

    Henry, this is a great list and thanks a lot for including Buffer in your post. If you have any questions about it, please get in touch. :)

  • http://www.pragmaticdesign.co.uk Pragmatic Design

    Thanks for publishing this list, I hadn’t heard of any of these tools.

  • http://www.2-designs.com Sean

    Great article. I’m not a huge twitter-er myself, but some of these sites/web apps seem like they’d be pretty useful. Keep up the great posts!

  • http://www.twitter.com/igcstudios Ignacio

    Hey, nice list! Useful indeed. I’d add Bettween (http://bettween.com/), a very handy conversation tracker. :)

  • http://www.tweriod.com Kapeel

    Nice list. TwileShare is definitely interesting. You might also want to look at Tweriod – http://www.tweriod.com It tells you when your followers are online the most.

  • http://www.nlvq.com Nlvq

    Great List!
    Not heard of sharing files with twitter before..

  • http://twileshare.com Danny Bull

    Excellent list, thanks for the TwileShare mention, we’ve got some big plans for the service.

  • Marc Buurke

    Nice, I’m gonna give buffer a try. Nothing annoys me more then an endless list of tweets within short periods of time, guess I better refrain from doing it myself aswell.

  • http://www.siddatwork.com Sidd

    Thanks for the post, I wasn’t aware about more than half of these tools. There’s a lot to take back and try.