July 17, 2024

What Makes Bloom the Best Plugin For E-Mail Opt-Ins?

You may have the best website with the perfect design, but one thing is crystal clear: your website will always have to grow or keep the pace. Although most people don’t like opt-in forms, they are the perfect sales representatives of your website. Let’s face it, pop-in forms are the best and most effective way to collect e-mails, communicate with your audience and strengthen the bond.

Learn how you can still stay in touch with your audience despite the fact that there other thousands of people just like you asking for the same email address, by reading on.

Making it to only Pop-up is an Opt-In Mistake

Some opt-in forms are beautiful and are seamlessly integrated within your content and website. They are subtle and they don’t interrupt the user.

Bloom is the new opt-in plugin that gets you covered each time you have a problem with your opt-ins. If you are looking for a way to make your forms attractive and easier to manage, as well as assessing your progress, then Bloom is the way to go.

You have the power between your fingers. Bloom is different from other plugins since it gives you the possibility to position the forms on the most convenient location. You can also choose what should trigger them to appear on your screen. Who said customizing your website has to be a hassle? The simple tools that come with Bloom make everything possible.

That’s not all; you can integrate the plugin on 12 different e-mail marketing platforms and you can select from 6 e-mail opt-in types. You also have the liberty to personalize individual forms for a wide range of contexts. You will definitely love the user friendly dashboard that makes all this possible and simple.

 Easy and intuitive to manage

Bloom was built to help its users create beautiful opt-in forms in an efficient and less time consuming way. That’s way the dashboard is clean, intuitive and easy to use even for those who do not have technical skills. The dashboard will help you have total control of when and where the form should appear. It will also show you how your forms are performing in an easy to understand language and charming visuals.

How Bloom makes things happen

Creating a working opt-in form is easy, but you first need to connect the plugin with your e-mail marketing software. Bloom works flawlessly on platforms such as: Constant Contact, MadMinim, MailChimp, iContact, Feedblitz, InfusioSoft, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, Ontraport, MailPoet, SendInBlue and GetResponse.

Once this is done you can start working on your opt-in form. First, choose the opt-in type that you want to use. Bloom gives you 6 options: Pop-up, Fly-in, Shortcode, Widget, Below Post or Locked Content.  Next, you need to choose what triggers your opt-in form. Should it be a comment that one makes? How about releasing it when one reaches the end of a page? The form can also be triggered after a certain time has passed or in order to unlock a certain piece of content. Either way, Bloom basically gives you unlimited options.

Finally, you can edit and change everything when it comes to the design and content of your form: CSS (even for distinct forms), titles, body copy, image positioning,  borders and styling.

Improve digital dialogue with Bloom

In case you are contemplating on which opt-in to choose, an A/B split tests will help choose the right opt-in form type and trigger for your website. Simply look at the data and select the best performer.

In case you have a problem setting up Bloom (although I highly doubt it), Elegant Themes has published an extensive documentation as well as video walkthroughs. Everything to make sure that you get things right.

What are you waiting for?  Use Bloom to get your audience hooked and strengthen the relationship between you and your visitors.

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