April 16, 2024
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What SEO Tools Bloggers Use to Increase Their Online Presence

We have the advantage of working day by day with people who manage blogs or who are at least passionate about Optimization, Google, online presence, etc. A very important aspect, regardless of the project we are working on is the presence of the website on Google. Our bloggers carry out secular battles and squeeze their last kJ of energy trying to decipher robot algorithms that Google sends to each inch of content on their websites. Starting from the process of creating an online store, web design, SEO, and creating content, it all comes down to the position on the first page of Google results. So we went and asked bloggers what SEO tools they use to increase their online presence.

    1.  Yoast SEO

Yoast is not just a simple plug-in, it’s the ace up the sleeve when it comes to optimizing SEO. It is free and practically, it pushes you to optimize your content, whether you want it or not. The way this plug-in works is simple, but it also gives you visual satisfaction if you follow the instructions.

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Each item or product added to the website will receive a rating from Yoast depending on how well the optimization is made. If your item or content lacks the keyword title, meta description, or some ALT text images, Yoast will probably not be happy and the rating you get will not be a good one. If your goal is to reach position 1 in Google Search, dedicate half an hour to each content pack you want to publish to optimize SEO.

    2.  Keyword Planner

Well, but how do we know which keyword to use? We can not optimize an article with a keyword that is not searched by anyone. What is a keyword? A keyword is the exact syntax that is searched by users on Google. Example: “Seo tools”. It is very clear what the user needs, when they search with this keyword. The keyword can also be found in a longer search phrase. Example: “top 5  seo tools  for bloggers”

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Keyword Planner helps you analyze certain statistics about how certain keywords are searched for. With a simple search for any keyword, you can see the number of monthly searches that a keyword has. If a keyword has between 0 and 10 monthly searches, the traffic that your content could generate is not too consistent. Our tip is to use keywords that do not have big competition, but they also have a lot of searches

    3. Seo tools: Google Analytics

How else to see if your strategy worked, if not using Google Analytics. True, the level of difficulty increases slightly because for the installation of analytics, you need to have some code knowledge. You must be able to enter Analytics code on all pages of your website. The bloggers we stressed assured us that the process is one that does not take a long time, so in the end, you will get it.

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What can you do with Analytics? Anything. You can see statistics about any minor thing happening on your website. Statistics about the number of users by period, time spent on the page, and how users have reached that page. Traffic coming from Social Media or Google Search. This way you can see and make reports so you can finally see which keywords have brought traffic to your website. (A small bracket, Google Analytics is used for much more than that, but here we are talking about online presence)

    4.  Semrush

Since you’ve never spied on anyone? Semrush is a platform you’ll have to pay monthly. It provides data and statistics about your website traffic, the number of indexed keywords, and the number of backlinks you have accumulated.

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Somehow, about spying, Semrush can help you see your competitors. What does that help us? Let’s take a concrete example. You and two more blogs write about the same niche or domain. Note that one of you has very good results and has 10 positions in front of you in Google searches. It will probably get you out of your mind. With the help of Semrush, exactly how you could see on your website which keywords indexed, so you can do with your competitors’ websites. Just do a little spy and see from what keywords does the blog traffic have 10 positions in front of you on Google or where it puts backlinks.

    5.  Webpagetest

Seo tools are a lot, but there is not much I can tell you how well your website loads. Patience is almost as important as time. I’m somewhat related, right? Already if a website does not load within 2-3 seconds, some of the ears are red. Check your site’s upload speed, and if the results are not premium, make a decision!

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Again, seo tools are many, and we have tried to make them visible on the ones that you have to keep in mind. Take a step forward and overtake your competition!


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