September 25, 2020

Why More Web Designers are choosing a Pre-Built Website Approach

Traditional methods, such as wireframing, outsourcing, and online website builders have their pros and cons, none of them however match the advantages of pre-built websites.

  • Wireframing is popular, but it takes you only so far. Wireframing can be time consuming when designing complex websites, and completing a project usually requires outsourcing or coding experience.
  • Complexity is not an issue with pre-built websites. Neither coding nor outsourcing is necessary, and web pages can be built at a much faster pace.
  • When you assign your project to a reputable design/development team, you can usually expect high-quality work. Outsourcing is expensive however.
  • Pre-built websites provide the same degree of quality at far less cost, and the cost and time required to make a design change is often insignificant.
  • An online web-building tool may satisfy your needs, but finding the right one can be a challenge, as can selecting a cost-effecting subscription plan.
  • The pre-built website approach is superior. It is less expensive, and it offers greater flexibility then online tools can provide.

Six Examples of Pre-built Websites


















How to Edit a Pre-built Website with Muffin Builder 3

If you prefer to build websites from scratch, Be Theme is the right tool for you. It’s fast and easy to use, and has every feature you need. Using a pre-built website to start a project is a faster and easier approach. Pre-built websites, 5 of which are shown here, are fully customizable. There are more than 155 to choose from, and 119 feature multiple pages.

It takes but 1 click to install a customizable pre-built website. Having done so, Muffin Builder 3 does the necessary editing, and you are on your way. The video shows you just how easy the installation and editing processes are.


BeTheme – How to install and edit a pre-made layout/demo (Muffin Builder 3.0)


The action may at appear to be somewhat fast paced, but once you get into the rhythm of things you’ll find yourself moving along at a similar clip. A little music can help, but you’ll have to supply your own!

With Be Theme, Muffin Builder 3, and a pre-built layout at your disposal, you’ll discover it’s possible to build a website page in minutes instead of hours. You can have a website up in running in hours instead of days. It’s that fast, easy, and reliable.

Website complexity will not be an issue either. Wireframing can be too time consuming, outsourcing too expensive, and some online tools are not even up to the task. With Be Theme, building a complex website e.g., a large online store, can be a breeze.


A Look at What Be Theme Offers


BeTheme is the biggest WordPress theme ever and it is also an excellent example of bigger meaning better. It has recorded more than 22,800 sales, and the number keeps growing. Pre-built websites continue to grow in number as well, with 8 new ones added every month. The number of core features, currently at 40, may not grow significantly, but they are constantly being updated and upgraded.

A pre-built website, which can also serve as a conceptual design, in addition to be the foundation you’ll be building your website on, takes only 1 click to install. Of the 155+ you can choose from, 119 have multiple pages.

Once you have done the install, you’re off and running, and these powerful core features will speed you on your way:

  • As the video illustrates, you can build a web page quickly. You can do so even more quickly with features like the powerful Muffin Options Panel, a Shortcode Generator, 200+ Shortcodes, and the Layouts Configurator to help you along.
  • The popular Muffin Builder 3 has all the functionality you need for your page-building activities, but if you’re an ardent fan of Visual Composer you can use that page builder as well. You can use either, or you can use both.


  • Be’s 20 Customizable Header Styles that allow you to upload logos, fonts, other design elements, and set your own colors, and the 6 Column Support hint at the flexibility and versatility this WordPress theme offers. If you are starting from a blank page, any one of the Base Grid’s 5 layouts will give you plenty of design flexibility as well.
  • Other features include a Mega Menu, the ability to assign different menus to different pages, unlimited colors, parallax effect, video background, and advanced typography. Be Theme is Responsive, Retina and SEO ready, and optimized for speed.


Be Theme Testimonials  

This sampling of what customers have to say shows the many things they love about Be Theme; its customizability, flexibility, and many more. Customers like the many different features offered, they love the way the page builders work, and they are especially pleased with how easy it is to initiate a project by installing a pre-built website. The user community is a happy and a satisfied one, and we intend to keep it that way!

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Awesome Customer Support

No matter how high powered your tools may be, your results can be far less than satisfactory if adequate support is not there. There are often questions that require answers or issues to be resolved to keep work flowing at a constant pace. You can rely on Be’s Customer Support team to answer your questions and address any problem you might encounter, promptly and effectively. You will never be referred to an FAQ page. The response you get will go into whatever level of detail is necessary to help you get on with your work.

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By now you should have a fair understanding of what BeTheme has to offer, and why using pre-built websites is a superior website-building approach. The advantages this theme and these pre-built websites have over wireframing, outsourcing, and using online website-building tools are many, and they are significant. Visit BeTheme’s website, browse among the more than 155 pre-built websites, and take a few moments to view a demo two. Once you do, the chances are good you’ll want to hop on board!