September 22, 2023

WordPress Theme Giveaway: Win 1 of 5 Monstroid Copies


Would you like to enter the WordPress theme giveaway to win a flagship of multipurpose WordPress themes? Then, read on to learn more about it’s updated version and enter the Monstroid WordPress Theme Giveaway today!

The Monstroid WordPress Theme Has Been Updated With

New Child Themes

One of Monstroid’s major features is a large package of child themes. They offer ready-made designs tailored for a wide range of business categories. In that way, you can get a site for your specific niche up and running in no time. In the new series of updates, the package was extended with 5 new child themes for sports, architecture, politics, food, and games.

New Parallax Homepages

The updated version of Monstroid allows you to enhance a visual presentation of your content in new ways. For this, developers released three new parallax homepages. Check out one of them below.


New Functions

Monstroid comes packed with tons of advanced features and plugins. In this series of updates, some of them were upgraded with new functions to extend your capabilities. Here is a brief list of them.

     – You can choose 1/3 and 1/4 ratios of the sidebar to the main content body.

     – Cherry Simple Slider got an option of customizing text and background colors.

     – It became possible to enable or disable an option of AutoPlay in Swiper Carousel.

     – The default “Next / Prev” text of pagination buttons can be edited in Portfolio.

     – User can arrange Portfolio items in an ascending or descending order and filter them by specified categories.

     – Now, Monstroid supports All-in-One Event Calendar and bbPress.


Enter the Monstroid WordPress Theme Giveaway today! Winners will be announced on August 11!


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