June 19, 2024

40 New Dribbble Freebies Published in 2012

The community of designers over at Dribbble are always happy to release new freebies to the public. It’s such a populated network that it can be frustrating to browse through all the newest shots looking for hidden gems. Thankfully I keep up with all the latest submissions and have put together a wonderful showcase of free downloads.

In the gallery below I’ve published 40 freebies having been released since early Q1 2012. These include full PSD graphics along with background patterns and .png icon sets. Any digital artist or web designer will surely find at least a few handy resources from this collection. Be sure to let us know your favorites in the discussion area below.

Paper Receipt

paper bill receipt PSD


torn calendar wooden texture PSD

Clean Video Player

simple video player UI PSD

Vector Shadow PSD

clean white vector shadow PSD

Heart Icon

free heart icon icn psd

Add Attachment Window

clean orange window design psd

Circular Progress Bar

circular element loading bar web psd

Color Palette PSD

active bubble color palette psd

Browser Freebie

simple empty browser freebie psd

Free Emoticons

freebie emoticon smilies set png

Any Color Vertical Ribbon

multi-color vertical ribbons psd

Video Player – Free PSD

free download video player ui psd

Slider UI Control

colorful slider user interface psd

File Download Widget

free download window texture psd

Apple Style Gradients

free photoshop apple style gradients psd

Price Box

orange price box gui free psd


clean ui slider psd


availability calendar planning freebie psd

Login Box with Notifications

free psd resource website login ui

Trimoto Interface for CS6

dark gray photoshop user interface psd

Social Icons

social network icons psd freebie

App Store

freebie vector app store psd/ai


no nonsense smilies psd freebie

Mobile App Navigation

iPhone mobile app navigation bar psd

Progress Bar

freebie ui template loading bar psd

Skinny Dark Loading Bars

pink blue thin loading bars web ui psd

Free Footer Detailing

free footer website download psd

Admin Panel

ux admin panel dashboard psd

The Simplest Profile Badge

web ui vcard profile badge psd

iOS App Icon Template[Sliced]

iphone ipad app icon sizes template psd

Path Badge

stitched path icon social network freebie psd

Equalizer from Impressionist UI

freebie equalizer user interface kit psd

Free Icons

freebie download icons resource psd

Cute Frame

free pink photo frame download psd

Minimal Blog (PSD)

minimal blog theme wordpress psd

Hanging Note Sign

download freebie psd hanging wooden note sign

Zoom Me!

freebie iphone app ui zoom psd

Free Social Icons

silky smooth free social icons download psd

Apple Style Navigation

apple navigation bar website freebie download psd

Purple Paging

freebie slideshow tooltip pagination psd


Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.


  1. ddmagstuff Reply

    First of all i am very thanks from my heart for very useful and informative resources you have cover on the website.this type of informative topics and information is very very use full and guide us.

  2. Ropascal Edmund Reply

    I want to present my appreciation for these freebies. It helped improved my area of free web stuff. If there isn’t any problem, I can recommend you also a website with free assets http://www.creator.com I hope it will help someone. Cheers!

      1. Gabriel Dubois Reply

        Hi Edmund,

        Thank you for correcting the post. I tried your “creator” link, and it only lead me to a Google dead-end 🙁
        So I tried the double “tt” and made it to your site. I saw the site and it is nice, no doubt about it, a lot of stuff, and free in one place.
        But I wouldn’t say it’s ground-braking, the grid view makes finding exactly what you need a little difficult, and since everybody can have their own thumbnails, doesn’t help.
        I will definitely bookmark the site, since a lot of the assets, actually the majority, are free for commercial use, and I could save those 5 mins I usually spend googling around for the same files.

  3. Ropascal Edmund Reply

    I am glad you replied to my issue. I register and posted some of my work, it took a while to my stuff be approved, I don’t know maybe they verify the license or something. Anyhow I am pleased that people download my products. Thanks man.

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