Author: Jake Rocheleau


Paper Kit UI brings Color to Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one the most popular frontend HTML/CSS/JS dev frameworks on the market. It’s completely free and was originally based on Twitter’s UI design style. Over the years new features have been added to the library, yet it still follows a similar tone as the original design. Many sites created with Bootstrap function exceptionally well […]


30 Examples of Website Search Interface Design

Not many designers place enough focus on the benefits of creative search fields. For content-heavy websites most users will be prepared to search for what they’re looking for. If the search interface sucks then people will be forced to leave and hit Google, or worse… Ask Jeeves.


Codeply Playground for Responsive Frontend Development

The concept of frontend development in the browser would’ve seemed crazy just a decade ago. But now with apps like CodePen, jsFiddle, and Thimble, this almost seems like the norm. Codeply is another editor which covers a niche area of browser-based development: responsive design. Mobile responsive websites were also completely irrelevant(or nonexistent) 10 years ago. […]


A Directory of Animated Animals with Pure CSS

A brand new website called CSS Animals just launched online. It’s part pet store, part webdev resource, & all-parts awesome(and/or strange). The site is a growing collection of animals built purely with CSS3 code. Each animal is made up of shapes rendered in the browser + animated using CSS3 transitions or keyframes. Some examples can […]


Sass Guidelines can make you a Pro at Sass/SCSS

The CSS pre-processor Sass has been around for almost a decade and has grown quite a bit since early beginnings. It’s now one of the preferred methods for writing CSS code to compile and run smoothly. But those who’ve never tried to learn Sass are likely to be a bit intimidated. While it is general […]