May 20, 2024

Listify Converts Plain Text Lists into HTML Syntax

HTML preprocessors like Haml make coding items a breeze. However the hard-coding aspect of HTML is never fun – it’s not hard but rather mundane and monotonous.

While a webapp can’t automate the whole process, Listify can help when building HTML lists.

You simply input a raw text list of items and choose an ordered/unordered list format. You’ll also be able to specify if each list item should have an ID or various classes. You can choose spacing counts for indentations along with many other similar settings.

The Listify webapp is actually hosted for free on a GitHub project page. Anyone is free to fork the Listify repo or download a full copy for their local web server.

If you want to try it out just visit the Listify page and give it all you’ve got.

While it is rather simple, it’s also an incredible piece of automation for frontend developers who constantly find themselves transcribing Word documents into HTML.

Listify webapp

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