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Convert your HTML Website to WordPress Theme With This Simple Tool

As simple as 1, 2, 3…. . It only takes three steps to convert your traditional HTML website to a WordPress site in 15 seconds or less. This handy tool not only saves you the time it takes to recode the site, but also saves you money! The average cost to convert a site to…


Krit offers a Premiere Suite of Tools for Freelancers

Krit is a self-branded toolset made by freelancers, for freelancers. The site is an overall toolset full of various tools useful to freelancers of all industries. Check out the site homepage to find more examples and info regarding Krit’s business structure. So far they’ve released two significant products: Ink for freelance contracts and Pouch for…


Brunch is your premiere HTML5 Build Tool running on Node

I recently stumbled onto an interesting build tool by the name of Brunch. This seems to be made for constructing picture-perfect HTML files without a lot of hooey. Brunch is made to compile scripts, templates, and lint all of your code automatically. Modules can also be run during this time & applied to the compiled…


GetTerms offers a Terms & Privacy Policy for Startups

A unique webapp named GetTerms allows startups and smaller companies to auto-generate legal text for their Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. This app was created by the design agency Humaan to alleviate the stress of hiring a lawyer, or even hand-writing it from scratch. You simply enter the following three items: Website URL Company…


15 Best Solutions for Converting Your Design Projects PSD to Code

Some of the more experienced website and mobile app designer prefer to do their own programming as well as doing their design work, while others find making the transition from PhotoShop design to coding a difficult bridge to cross. Admittedly, PSD to HTML/CSS conversion can be a time-consuming task, and an error-prone one as well….

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