July 15, 2024

10 New High-Quality Free Fonts

We know that every designer needs new fonts once in a while to have some backup elements to count on, and that is why we are here for, to help you searching for resources to use on your projects. So knowing that every one is looking around for high quality fonts to spice up their designs we decided to do this new roundup with a collection of some new and fresh fonts to give your projects a whole new look. Enjoy!!

Sheep Sans





BUUG Typeface

Legion Slab Typeface

Facebook Letter Faces

Dunn Typeface

Dash Typeface


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  1. David Reply

    High quality? This is very low quality. The facebook font is a rip-off of a Process typefoundry typeface. Buy some proper typeface for which skilled people put real time and effort into it. Of course it costs a bit, but you’ll be better off. And considering the amount of time, effort and expertise is required for producing typefaces, they are still very cheap.

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