July 17, 2024

15 Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses and Clients

Being a freelancer has its definite upside, but it has its challenges as well. As a freelancer, you have a substantial amount of freedom with respect to your daily work habits. At the same time, you’ll sometimes face challenges that office workers are not accustomed to.

You’ll always have deadlines to meet, and you can usually meet them in a timely matter; unless of course you slack off, or fall prey to distractions. We’re 4 tips with you. Follow them, and you’re much more likely to handle whatever challenges that may come your way, and continue to deliver high-quality work; and always on time.


1. Take Advantage of Be Theme’s Pre-Built Websites

Don’t start from scratch like these guys who invented a new way of designing websites.

Be Theme’s pre-built websites are designed to help you turn out quality work in a much shorter time than most web designers/developers can do. They are super easy to install, as you will see by viewing this cool 40-second video.

Pre-built websites will also save you tons of time. You can skip prototyping, wireframing, and coding; and you’ll never end up looking like these guys!


For Example; See What You Can Do with These 15 Pre-Built Websites:  


Be Craftbeer

This Craftbeer pre-built website’s large images helps to emphasize the product; and you’ll find them on every page. Parallax and JavaScript effects are put to good use as well.

Be eLearning

eLearning is one of the latest trends in education. If you have an online eLearning business, a poorly designed website would probably not serve you well. See what this fresh looking, easy to navigate pre-built website can do for you.

Be Tiles

This pre-built website speaks volumes about fine interior design. The product is front and center, the message is crisp and clear, and the layout could well have been done by an architect.

Be Artist

Are you considering revamping your website to give it an enhanced look and feel? Take this pre-built website template as your starting point. You can either keep the dark default background, or use any color you wish.

Be Burger

Here’s the perfect website design solution if you have an online burger delivery service; or any other food catering service. A hip design highlights the product in a way that’s bound to engage the user.

Be Sports club

The Sports Club pre-built website displays a modern design that any fitness center would be willing to spend big bucks for to emulate on their website. Neat special effects add to its clean, cool look and feel.

Be Hotel2

This pre-built website for a hotel will make the viewer head right for the phone to make a reservation; without giving it a second thought. The hero image is stunning, the message is powerful, and all the relevant sections are included.

Be Restaurant

Be Restaurant’s cool and engaging design is made even more dashing and dynamic by the use of this pre-built website’s slider effect. There are not many restaurants, if there are any at all, whose websites can compare with this one.

Be Architect 2

The key to Be Architect2 is its ability to provide such an unusual and compelling user experience. The Muffin Group team combined different perspectives with an ingenious use of design elements to produce this amazing result.

Be Boutique

The background video in the hero section of this pre-built website is used to perfection. You can achieve the same results; plus, the structure of this website is just what you’re looking for to create an awesome portfolio.


There’s absolutely no reason why a corporate website can’t have a friendly look to it. This design for an IT website is well-organized, as a corporate website should be. But, it also includes a casual twist – the human element; which fits in perfectly.

Be Oculist

Spend enough time working in front of a computer, and a visit to an eye doctor is a likely outcome. Viewing these specialist’s website designs may give you pause. Most are horrible. You can do much better with this pre-built website as a starting point.

Be Furniture

This great looking design, complete with striking images and a slideshow approach, is an ideal choice for a client in the retail furniture business. Be Furniture’s judiciously-designed layouts will make getting a website up and running an easy task.

Be Car

The Be Car pre-built website conveys a feeling of luxury. Plenty of white space throughout adds to the elegant look; and the layouts make it easy for you to get your message across and engage your users.

Be Tea

How’s this for a layout when you’re tasked with an assignment to build a tea shop website? Interactions between the image, the typography, and the black menu, combine to produce a vintage look, that is at the same time charming, and luxurious.


2. Set Up and Stick to a Regular Schedule

When you’re not working under direct supervision, it’s all too easy to slack off; first a little, and then even more. Creating a work schedule is imperative, and it’s one of the first things a freelancer needs to do. That’s the first rule. The second rule is to stick to it! It may take a while to get into a rhythm; but that’s OK. Make it a point to include downtime in your schedule to avoid burnout.

3. Set Clear Boundaries Between Your Work and Your Home Life

It’s all too easy for a freelancer to blend work in with home life. This is an excellent way to put a dent in your productivity, since blending the two seldom works. To keep this from happening, follow these two guidelines: (1) set aside a separate work space, and (2) make yourself unavailable while you’re working. One more guideline; don’t be afraid to stop work if you’re in the midst of something. You’ll find it’s almost always easy to continue where you left off.

4. Make It a Habit to Take Regular Breaks

Your brain requires periodic breaks. If you don’t make that happen, your productivity is likely to start sliding downhill faster than you realize. The Pomodoro technique; called the “tomato theory” by some, suggests taking short breaks periodically during a lengthy work session. 45 minutes of work, followed by a 15-minute break, is about optimum.  You’ll quickly discover that you’re accomplishing more by taking these breaks than if you insist on working straight through.


Summing It All Up

Do These Things:

  • Establish a schedule; and religiously follow it.
  • Save time and energy by using Be Theme’s 250+ pre-built websites.
  • Create a dedicated work space.
  • Make yourself unavailable during your work hours.
  • Review your accomplishments at the end of each day.

Avoid These:

  • Working straight through without taking breaks. It will hurt your productivity.
  • Isolating yourself. Find someone you can talk shop with.
  • Neglecting clients or colleagues. You risk becoming invisible.



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