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A while back we showcased here a list with 30 Inspiring Design Agency Websites and another one showing 45 Inspiring Design Agency Websites. Today we decided to gather a new list to show how some design agencies and studios are presenting themselves to the audience. The layout adopted by a design related website is important not only to get the users attention but also to showcase the identity of the place, the style of it. Here you will see different examples, from clean and minimal sites to colorful and illustrated ones, there are a lot of ways to go to present your agency/studio.


The guys from OwlConcept are using HTML5, a big background image and interesting shapes and typo to represent their studio.



Sajak&Farki are using a super clean design where you use the menu to navigate the website.


Twofold Creative

Twofold Creative is also using HTML5, using big background sliding images to present their work.


Tapp3 Media

Tapp3 Media website is strongly based in shapes and typography, also uses HTML5 and have a nice textured background.


Legwork Studio

These guys decided to take a more fun and personal style and are using hand drawn elements in a single page website to present their studio.


Image Mechanics

Image Mechanics is a studio devoted to iPhone and iPad apps development. The layout they are using to present their studio is pretty clean and minimal, also uses HTML5 and has a beautiful usage of colors and typography.


La Web Shop

Nice layout. Subtle textured background, beautiful icons and red elements to get user’s atenttion.



Interesting contrast and typography. Horizontal navigation will take you around some of their articles.


Small Fortune

Nice use of texture, shapes and colors. The layout is clean and beautiful.


Zhng Design Studio

Beautiful clean and minimal single page layout. Really nice use of white space, typography and colors.



Images to represent content, typography and a yellow sidebar to get user’s attention.



Simple and effective layout focusing on showing their services and ideas.



Another site using a big background image and typography based layout.



Simple layout focusing on showing some of their work/colaborations.



Beautiful dark layout using a nice color scheme/contrast and simple/effective typography.


3Degrees Design Agency

Nice combination of typography and illustration elements to show main services/believes.



Beautiful, simple, elegant. A good example that less is more. A lot of white spaces that you can navigate using the menu or scrolling horizontally.



Simple idea of showing images of works in a magazine style.


Glue Isobar

HTML5, good color combination, typography and shape. Good way to present a creative agency.



Interesting use of typography, texture and illustrative elements.



Clean textured layout based on beautiful images, icons and typography.


Hot Meteor

Nice colorful header to add some contrast to the white and typographic based layout.



Simple, effective and pretty straight forward.



Clean and effective layout based on typography, images and typography.


El Passion

Another example of a simple and clean layout focusing on presenting the studios works/ideas.



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  • http://visuadesign.com CJ Spencer

    Hot meteor and twofold are stunning!

  • http://www.tristarwebdesign.co.uk/ Tristar Web Design

    There are some fantastic websites here. They all deserve to be showcased. I love Owl Concepts. The background is amazing and I love the use of HTML5. The ‘Our team’ section of Sajak&Farki is really quirky. Others I like are Twofold, Dynamit and Favolla, all are going to be great for future inspiration.

  • http://www.justbefrank.com Richard Carmichael

    Glad to see that the best designers are still having a good time pushing the limits of convention and using the best of what’s out there. Nice.

  • http://gtawebdesign.co Toronto Web Design Company

    Thanks for sharing. I too agree that Hot Meteor is a class apart. Indeed very creative.

  • http://www.gespinha.com Goncalo Espinha

    Very nice collection. Thanks!

  • http://www.ashenagroup.net Nanang Gunawan

    its very inspiring…. šŸ˜€

  • http://www.goeo.de Heiko

    I like the DARE one – minimalistic typo in large letters. Bookmarked for design inspiration

  • http://www.engarde.at verena

    thanks vor mentioning our website!!!!!!!

  • http://www.skymaxmarketing.com Massachusetts Web Design

    Very nice collection for design inspiration. I found the TwoFold Creative and FreeAssociation sites particularly creative. Nice job!

  • http://bizcard.com ASpikes

    I really like “Legwork Studio”, but they’re all great

  • http://smlfrtn.com Small Fortune

    Thanks for mentioning Small Fortune! Honored and humbled.


  • http://www.codeawebsite.com/ codewebsite

    Awesome. nice addition to the platform guys. Would really like

  • http://www.alicey.com Alice

    Seems like a lot of these websites have stuck with a simple formula that works — using a big focal point — whether it’s an illustration, huge graphic text or a swath of color. Great design work!

  • http://www.favolla.com.br Favolla ComunicaĆ§Ć£o

    Hey, we’re very happy to see our work here, at WDL! Thanks for feature us! And keep the inspiring work! :)

  • http://www.nymfont.com Lauren

    Love that Owl Concept. Beautiful & inspiring sites all of them.

  • http://www.61designstreet.com/ Arianna

    Love the “Legwork Studio”. It’s a good web design with a lots of fun. Just love the website.