30 Fresh Examples of Single Page Websites

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Single page websites have been a hot trend for a while now, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum. Going this route isn’t right for every project, but there are times when it’s fitting and just makes sense. For instance, when a site doesn’t have a lot of content, and you know the content won’t be growing very much in the future, it might makes sense to go with a single page design.

So what about your upcoming projects? Is taking this approach an option? If so, here are 30 fresh examples of single page websites to inspire you.

Solo: Single Page WordPress Theme



Mostly Serious


Aboard Entrepreneurship


Campaign Monitor is Hiring




Jarad Johnson


Leased Lines




Kiera Lacey


Pub Aid




Hyperbole Design


Bacon’s Self Storage


Alan Horne


Web Effectual


Orange 21


Radoslav Holan




bacon & eggs






Lue Hotel


Impero Design


Agnes Renie Krempp


Benjamin Chirlin


Killer Beach




Amber Miro





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  • http://www.radoslavholan.cz Radoslav Holan

    Nice selection. Thanx for featuring my portfolio.

  • http://www.tristarwebdesign.co.uk/ Chandni

    Hello Gisele,

    You have got a great round up of single page websites. Not only do these single page websites work but their cleverly been designed with the use of backgrounds e.g. Aboard Entrepreneurship and Web Effectual.

    A great inspiration for those in need of a single page site and to those in need of great design inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • http://gismullr.com Gisele Muller

      Thanks Chandni! :)

  • http://www.raimond.lv/eng Raymond

    Check my single page website :)

  • http://peduarte.com Pedro

    Very nice collection.
    I’ve recently redesigned my onepage portfolio too.

  • http://mergewords.com Arturo

    Finally someone made a new post about single page websites. Adorable!

  • http://www.simpixelated.com Simpixelated

    These are some really great designs and I’m already using some for inspiration! The way some of these play with scrolling is really unique. The Campaign Monitor site amazed me.

  • http://ezorzi.com/ ezorzi

    I really enjoy this blog and it was a great surprise to find my website featured here.
    Thank you!

  • http://www.ashliewebb.co.uk Ashlie

    I can’t believe you have Lue Hotel on here.. I grew up near here and there’s not alot to talk about but they’ve done a great website.

  • http://michaelacevedo.com Michael

    Really nice list of 1-pagers… check out http://www.1pagewebdesign.com for more examples of single page designs!

  • http://digcms.com/ Jack Lin

    Great article really good inspirations for the designer… Good Work! :)

    • http://www.radoslavholan.cz Radoslav Holan

      Likes your coffee cups for showing up the date!

      • http://www.digcms.com Jack Lin

        Radoslav Holan! Thanks for your nice comments…

  • http://www.yvonne-tang.com Yvonne

    I really like the effect of the start button on the Youzee website. Thanks for the list!

  • http://www.alan-horne.com Alan

    Thanks for featuring my site. 😀

  • http://www.johanfahlgren.se Johan

    The Kiera Lacey page is awesome! Lots of inspiration in this post. Thnx :)

  • http://www.jeroenhoman.com Jeroen Homan

    Great collection, as always :)

  • http://www.buzz-website.co.uk Buzz

    Nice collection, these single page websites have so much creativity… Great inspiration thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.cquinndesign.com Chris Quinn

    I love single page website design, but for SEO purposes I am afraid to implement it into my site. I just don’t know if it will let me rank high enough for the keywords I am trying to hit. Anyway, nice designs!

    • http://www.radoslavholan.cz Radoslav Holan

      You’re right, Chris. Single page designs can look even like more-page sites but there’s still one H1. From this angle of view it could be really a trouble but I think there are still some ways how to reach a good keyword ranks. It really depends on your needs. One-page sites are mostly used for some portfolios, maybe as nice microsites – and I don’t see problem in both cases with SEO…

  • http://www.adriancrellin.co.uk Adrian

    A great range of single page sites! Some real nice ones in there :)

  • http://www.studioaad.com Seán

    Was surprised to see the Arms website I designed getting an unusual amount of traffic this month until I saw this posts. Thanks for the inclusion. It’s funny how the jobs that take the least amount of time often get the most attention.

    • http://www.radoslavholan.cz Radoslav Holan

      It was same with me, lol. My own portfolio was on the last position of importance, so it got the most less time than other project. After this you have to think about how much time to invest on each project when time-less project have such a great success.

  • http://www.verticaltargets.com Lance

    The challenge with one page designs is delivering the message properly and above the fold at that. Excellent selection!

  • http://www.ambermiro.com AmberMiro

    Wow! Thanks for the feature. What a fantastic list!

  • http://www.110designs.com/ Shane Harwood

    Nice collection! Youzee would be my personal favorite.

  • http://www.hloom.com hloom

    Those are all gorgeous. I wash there was a way to know who created those so designers get credit and new customers. Remember some time ago many sites would have “designed by” link? I actually found them useful.