July 15, 2024

Focus on Effective Coming Soon Pages

When first launching your own website, it can be troubling deciding how to handle the first few weeks. This is generally a time when your website may not be ready to go live online but you own the domain name and branding rights.

In these scenarios a properly designed coming soon page can affect the culture of your site tenfold. Visitors to your website have the option of reading a bit about your company and possibly opting into an e-mail newsletter. I’ll be sharing a few techniques below to consider when first building your website’s home page.

The Launch is Coming

After purchasing your domain it’s great to have options regarding the direction your visitors will flow on internal pages. Keep them moving around your brand and accessing content you can offer – this all builds towards more sales and a greater membership base.

Keep building the hype for your product even well before launch! The hype is what keeps people coming back for more. Talk up your site into the next universe – “this is the coolest and most explosive launch to date!”

If possible include vectors or imagery to display your point. If you have a type of mascot or logo it’s best to display this prominently towards the heading of the page. Brands are memorable and the more your visitors can recognize your brand with the graphics or logos you created the quicker your website will spread.

Market like Crazy!

One of the fastest way to build word about your new launch is by manipulating the power of social media. There are hundreds of social news and social networking sites offering users to share links with their followers. This system of self-publishing has given rise to a syndicate of Internet marketers all across the globe.

Marketing is a powerful force which drives the blood behind any organization. If you can garner thousands of visitors onto your coming soon page you stand a greater chance of survival post-launch. Advocate and share your link around on forums and similar bulletin boards. Even e-mailing enthused bloggers for a quick review of your app can help to build up the buzz.

When drafting your Coming Soon page you’ll want to be ready to handle as much traffic as possible. This means you want to re-direct these visitors into another profile or portion of your website where they may continue actions.

Building a Following

Simply the most common form of inadvertent growth is through e-mail campaigns. If you can craft a fancy-looking signup form, visitors are more than happy to enter their e-mail address for instant updates.

You may notice how powerful e-mail marketing has become in our current world. Although there are hundreds of billions of addresses out there, the few which are checked on a daily basis consist of the biggest global market to date. This means it’s a lot easier to bring visitors back who found your site 3 or 4 months prior to official launch.

The beauty of an e-mail list is how uniform things can be. There is no strict set of guidelines for how often you must update or what your e-mails will conform to look like. Newsletters are often smaller messages with branding graphics and a collection of the most recent news. Under this guise you may also infiltrate your social media profile links such as Twitter or Facebook.

Clearly Reflect your Goals

It may be easy to get carried away in the design process and lose sight of what’s really important. When crafting page elements you should ensure each focal point on the page offers some type of merit.

The bottom line comes down to how effective your landing page can convert. A coming soon page is truly nothing more than a display for building hype on a new website launch. If you can display graphics or possibly a list of what you can offer your visitors odds are strong you’ll see a much higher rate of registration or opt-ins.

Visitors are always interested in the next big thing. Problem is they aren’t going digging for it, so you’ve got to drop the information right into their laps. For example Twitterrific has some fantastic branding for their mobile iOS app and could certainly garner a crowd behind their vector tweetie bird characters.

Leave Room for Information

It can be a fun process filling your coming soon page with graphics and vectors galore. However, as covered before, information is the key to growth. The Internet has been created off building new ideas and sharing information with one-another.

When a visitor is landing on your coming soon page and contemplating giving your their e-mail address they’d prefer to be persuaded into it. A fancy design can get the wheels greased, but ultimately if you aren’t offering a grade-A product then interest will fade quickly.

You may want to offer a few beta accounts for testers of the app before it’s released. This trickle-down strategy can also work well for a new blog theme or social network based in a specific niche. This has the twofold effect of weeding out any bugs in the system and also providing real user feedback. This can then be openly shared via your landing page to build credibility and trust within your visitors.

Push the boundaries of innovative and figure out what will work best for you. Not all websites are created equally, and this is especially true of new brands. Launching your own can be a daunting task. But in taking one step at a time you’ll eventually build a very stable company infrastructure and one memorable website brand.


Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.


  1. FirstColour Reply

    It’s definitely important to capture visitors before your site is live. It’s good to have something up there – even if it’s a simple ‘sign up for updates’ message. But a link to the Twitter account etc is good too.

  2. Karyl Reply

    Good quality info, though some of it is pretty forehead-slappingly obvious. I think the biggest key is simply not to have a static page without any room for interaction, a virtual “dead end”.

    For “coming soon” pages that email opt-in is the absolute basic and most important, IMO. Even if there’s nothing else on there, it’s got to have that. Give yourself and your site even the slightest chance of recapturing the traffic that comes to your site before you launch, rather than having users go elsewhere and forgetting about your site completely.

    Of course links to social profiles and the like where users can get more information is good, as long as those profiles exist. Sometimes, if you’re launching a new site those profiles are under construction as well, but if you’ve got ’em why not throw them out there.

  3. Josh Ledgard Reply

    I think one addition I would make is that we see people have more success when they have a good auto-response and newsletter for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th touches. If it takes 7 times for someone to remember your name those additional customer touches before you launch are important.

    If you are looking for a platform that enables great pages like this as well as the additional customer touches I’d recommend checking out http://www.kickofflabs.com.


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