July 18, 2024
Event Invitations

25+ Creative Event Invitations To Impress Your Guests

Times comes when you, the introvert designer behind the desk has to hold a party, reunion, celebration of some sort. Okay, maybe not all designers are introverts who hate being in the center of the everyone’s attention. But when such event occur, you need to make sure everybody who needs to be invited, is invited. How do you do that? Let’s find out!

From birthdays to weddings, reunions, business openings, etc., an invitation is an essential part of any vital event. Of course, the invitations are not something you can reuse. As soon as the event is over, the invitation becomes irrelevant. However, it’s not the case to ignore this part of the preparation process. The invitation card is way better than call all your guests or send personalized emails.

Creative invitations can set a tone for the events and make it stand out. Innovation can impress your guests. This way you can also show your guests how important this event is for you and how much effort and time you put in it. At Webdesignledger, we have notice that most people don’t use invitation templates anymore for their events. They prefer to custom make them, which is great for us, as designers.

We understand that everyone’s inspiration needs a cold shower from time to time. In this list, we have handpicked over 25 creative, beautiful events invitations for your inspiration. Also, check out these 40 Funny Jokes Only Designers Will Understand  from our latest blog post!

Opening Party Invitation

Event Invitations

Wedding Invitation

Event Invitations

20 years

Event Invitations

All Aboard

Event Invitations

Invite – alt

Event Invitations

charity: ball invitations

Event Invitations

Cinco de Mayo

Event Invitations

Invite Thumb

Event Invitations

CMD promo website

Event Invitations

NIKE — We Run London 10K

Event Invitations

Shimmering Metallic Custom Boarding Pass

Event Invitations

Vatican City | Invitation cards

Event Invitations


Event Invitations

Orbit Baby

Event Invitations

Save The Dates

Event Invitations

Live at The Distillery

Event Invitations


Event Invitations

Bridal Shower Invite


The President’s Gala




21. Speakeasy Invitation


DePaola Wedding Invitations


Baby Shower Invites


Ahoy Mateys!


Sestra’s 2nd birthday


Portland’s 15th Birthday Party | INVITE DESIGN


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