April 12, 2024
accent walls

9 Easy-To-Use Accent Walls That Make Huge Statement

An accent wall is a perfect way to make a statement in your home or office. If done correctly, accent walls can become the centerpiece of your home and contribute design elements that are trendy, yet classic. Designing an accent wall allows you to let your creative side take over; you can use contrasting colors, original patterns, or textured prints.


We will admit, however, that designing and installing an accent wall can be intimidating. To help you ease into your first accent wall adventure, we have gathered the perfect collection of accent walls that are easy to use and will amp up your next interior design project.

1. Beachwood

This coastal wood accent wall is the perfect way to make your beach-themed living room or bedroom feel nautical and classic. The pastels combined with a weathered gray allows any room to feel chic yet rustic. The best part? It is peel-and-stick! You can find this amazing coastal accent wall at Birch Lane.

2. Marble

In case you missed it, we are obsessed with marble. Marble accent walls create a contemporary look that appears expensive and timeless. Don’t shy away from using marble in your living room or kitchen, it can be both elegant and edgy. You can find a realistic marble wallpaper at Hayneedle.

3. Industrial Brick

You don’t have to live in a modern warehouse to get that industrial feel. You can use a fake brick hardboard wall panel or stucco. Believe it or not, local hardware stores carry brick panels that look and feel like real brick. We personally like this classic version of Kingston Brick from Home Depot.

4. Basket Weave

A 3D basket-weave pattern is a bold way to add texture and patterns to your room. You can buy these individually and paint them any color you want before installing. Basket-weave accent walls are fun to install and truly stand-out. You can score these in a pack of 10 from Overstock.

5. Classic Striped Accent Wall

If installing raised textures is not your speed, you can keep it classic and simple by painting bold stripes for your accent wall. We like a classic black and white stripe, but you can use your imagination when choosing contrasting colors.

6. Reclaimed Wood

The best thing about a reclaimed wood accent wall is that it can fit a modern theme or a country farmhouse theme. The natural wood colors can be paired with just about anything. This particular reclaimed wood accent wall from Hayneedle is printed on vinyl-coated paper and
comes in a pack with 8 panels.

7. Geometric Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to incorporate modern designs and pops of color without having to paint them yourself. We are obsessed with geometric patterns for an accent wall because it creates a sleek, warm feeling that attracts the eye. You can find this one and other geometric wallpapers from I Love Wallpaper.

8. Tile

Tile accent walls are the perfect design element to use in a modern bathroom. You can stick with the classic subway tile or go for a daring pattern and color palette. Whichever style you prefer, tile accent walls are easy to install and fun to incorporate in any room.

9. Murals

Wall murals bring any room to life. You can take any scenery, image, picture, or painting and create the perfect accent wall. We personally like city skylines and nature themes for an accent wall because it adds depth and color to an otherwise boring room. There are many websites that will help you create a mural. From there, you can apply the mural using an adhesive.


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