June 18, 2024
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Mesmerizing Graphics in Video Games

Art comes in a variety of mediums, and the graphic elements in video games are no exception. Every year, video game designers create stunning, beautiful scenes and characters that are truly breathtaking. At Webdesignledger, we have quite of few self-proclaimed “gamers” who know the in and outs of spectacular video game graphics and the design elements involved. The graphic details and animations will transport you into another world.

The artistic expertise and technical competence needed to create a successful video game deserve to be acknowledged. We know video games, and we take pride in it. Check out some of these amazing video games with stunning graphics that we play just to stare at.


The breathtaking features of Hohokum can easier be observed than described. Hohokum takes you to a colorful world full of monsters and intricate details. This video game is categorized as an “art” video game. In Hohokum, the player controls a long, worm-like creature to explore whimsical worlds with no real plotline or objective. There is no way to “correctly” play this game, as the object is to enjoy the beautiful worlds and artistic designs. The game was created by developer Honeyslug and was released for the Playstation 3.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 by Guerilla Games. This action role-playing game transports you to a post-apocalyptic world where you navigate a world overrun by machines as a female hunter. The visual aesthetics will have you questioning if this a live-action movie as you explore the open world. The transitions between night and day in this game create beautiful, storybook scenes. You will discover mountains, forests, cities, and a variety of weather patterns. Horizon Zero Dawn is a captivating third-person game that will make you call in sick from work to experience.

The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan is a video game that deserves praise from a design perspective because the player is in charge of creating and designing the world. In the beginning, you start with nothing, a white space. Objects only start to take shape after you have splashed black paint all over the canvas. This creates an elegant soothing aesthetic, where most of the world is in black and white until you are able to add color yourself.


The Unfinished Swan is an adventure game with a defined plot and a first-person player. This abstract game is visually stunning, where the player can live their own Van Gogh fantasies. The Unfinished Swan was originally released for the PlayStation 3 by Giant Sparrow, and then remastered and released for the PlayStation 4 in 2014.


Journey is an indie game published by Sony in 2012 for the Playstation 3, but the amazing graphics and addicting gameplay have stood the test of time. It has won dozens of awards and critical acclaim for its beautiful representation of the desert.  The warm colors and lighting throughout the world are hypnotizing, while the gameplay itself is seamless. Travel through the earth with a hooded figure, communicating with other humans and creatures only through song. The beautiful graphics of Journey won IGN’s Game of the Year in 2012.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus holds a special place in our hearts because it was released almost 12 years ago and then remastered in HD this year. The game is an action-adventure game by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2. This gem is regarded in the industry as the first video game to ever consider graphics as an art form. The minimalist landscape designs, emotional journey, and immersive gameplay will immediately win you over.

The expansive landscape, now in HD, is nothing compared to the intricacy of the 16 humongous Colossi the main character must destroy. This game relies on amazing graphics and simple gameplay. There are no dungeons and no other characters other than you, the player. You can play it on the Playstation 4.

Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda Franchise has been gracing us with their brilliant video game designs for over 30 years, and Wind Waker was no exception. Wind Waker is special because it was the first video game to adopt a cartoonish aesthetic. Some people were taken back by the childish graphics, while others marveled at the seamless graphics and beautiful setting. Experience a vast ocean as you travel by a small boat to dozens of islands, each one containing a secret. The game received critical acclaim for the style and format. The action-adventure game was remastered in HD for the WiiU in 2013.

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