June 20, 2024

ELI5 Amazon Web Services: A Handy Online Reference Guide

The premiere destination for all your online shopping needs has recently birthed a fabulous tool for webmasters. Amazon Web Services(or AWS) is a collection of services and online technologies made for website & mobile app developers.

It all seems great and there are so many cool features – but what the hell is the point of everything? Amazon uses so many catchy buzzwords to brand all this stuff, newcomers are lost before they can even get started.

Thankfully a new guide has been published by ExpeditedSSL named AWS in Plain English. The purpose of this guide is to explain every single AWS feature, what it does, and why you might use it.

AWS services chart

Each service only has a brief breakdown for the moment, but you should expect full individual webpages dedicated to each one.

The author of this guide wrote a comment on Reddit explaining his plan to release a page for each & every individual AWS service. These “in plain English” guides really help dissolve the overhypted tech lingo to get straight to the root of why people pay for services like this in the first place.

So definitely check out the AWS In Plain English website and have a look for yourself. If you’ve never been able to understand AWS before, you might walk away from that guide with an ah-ha! moment.


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