April 12, 2024

Rumors Swirl around Apple’s Upcoming September 9th Event

In just a few days Apple is holding a release event discussing a few major product updates. It’s hard to say exactly what will be released, but there’s no doubt it’ll be a media circus.

One possibility is a revamped iPhone 6S with fewer chips and faster CPU speed. If this turns out to be true we’ll likely learn a whole lot more once the phone is announced onstage. And according to 9to5 Mac, we may even see 4K Video recording native to the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6 and 6S models

Other announcements will likely focus on an revamped Apple TV model. The internals will of course get an overhaul but the specs are yet to be 100% confirmed.

An interesting point is the inclusion of Siri within the Apple TV operating system.

You should also expect news surrounding an updated iPad Pro and/or iPad Mini model.

We also know watchOS v2 is expected to release somewhere around the same time as iOS 9. So could we also see a 2nd release of the Apple Watch?

September 9th will tell the story and give us all the info we could ask for.

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

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  1. Todd Albert Reply

    Their logo for the event usually has clues… the one seen here is square (like the Apple TV) and has the colorful synthesizer-like waves of the new Siri. So, the likelihood of Siri on the Apple TV being the highlight of the show is high in my opinion.

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