July 13, 2024
Christmas gift

Christmas Gift Ideas for Hipster Designers

Do not panic. Breath. You still have about 13 days to get that Christmas gift for your hipster designer friend. If a stuffed polar bear isn’t your type of gift, you should check the polar fox in the list below. JK. We have listed cool gifts, cuz your friend is not a regular friend, he/she is a cool friend. Granted, not all designers are hipsters, but we needed a catchy title. But even so, these gifts are perfect for any type of designers. Don’t believe me? Just check the list below. 


This article is for two categories of people:

  1. friends of designers
  2. designers without friends

If you are part of the first group, welcome on WDL. We hope you have a good stay among us. Don’t despair, we’ll make sure you find a great gift for your creative friend. We know, designers can be quite picky when it comes to… everything. Especially when it comes to things they are “forced” to accept to hang on their walls just because it’s Christmas. Please don’t get them an ornament, for God’s sake. Even your granny would accept it out of politeness. The good news is that you don’t need to starve for a week in order to afford a gift for a designer. They are affordable, practical, and will make any designer feel like Charlie Bucket receiving the golden ticket.

If you are part of the second group, we feel ya. We know what’s like sitting in front of a computer for most of the day and then in front of a good book for the remaining part of the day. This summarizes the life of a designer. Of course, there will probably be designers commenting that this is not true. If you are one of those, your best friend is also reading this article right now, trying to figure out what to get you for Christmas. So just pretend that you are surprised, please. But if you know that your focus on work decreased the number of friends (1), there’s nothing wrong with being your own Santa Claus or Willy Wonka. Just don’t act surprised on Christmas morning. That’s just… wrong.


So designers and friends of designers, get on sleight and let’s slide through these festively packed, cinnamon flavored Christmas gifts.

1. Wake-Up Light with Sun Rise Simulation

Some designers wake up early, others don’t, but they all need this light that imitates the sun to shine in their faces to wake them up in the morning. What’s better than waking up early on a summer day, seeing a beautiful simulation of rays shine? This gift will increase the productivity of any designer, giving them more time to spend with friends. Or to make friends. Buy it, it’s cool.

Christmas Gift

2. Teamweek Budget Calculator

Online gifts seem to be the go-to choice for many people nowadays, simply because they are comfortable, fast, and don’t need wrapping paper. Teamweek in itself is a great tool and it would help your friend to get organized. You know designers, they can be messy. Teamweek Budget Calculator is a new feature that allows you to calculate the costs and incomes of any project, lessening the expenses and maximizing the paycheck. Show your designer friends that you care about their finances, and buy them a subscription on Teamweek.

Christmas Gift

3. Touch Screen Gloves

Who doesn’t love skiing and texting? Don’t answer that, please. Anyway, there are parts on the globe where winter is a bit chillier than in Florida. These Touch Screen Gloves are an amazing gift for designers. Besides, who doesn’t know at least an Eskimo designer? They will love this gift!

Christmas Gift

4. Pantone Colour Book

If you know the color of 2019 put your hand up. I see some hands in the back. This Pantone Color Book is essential for every designer who likes keeping up with the trends. It is also useful when clients want a shade of purple that resembles the sunset, but green. Save your designer friend’s life, buy them the Pantone Color Book. Wrap it nicely.

Christmas Gift

5. The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook

Books, as well as e-books, are my ultimate favorite gifts. Every designer who loves to stay informed, evolve into better selves and sharpen their designer’s eye would love this Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook. Logos can be tricky and require knowledge. Books equal knowledge. Christmas equals an opportunity to make knowledge a gift.

Christmas Gift

6. CMYK Designer Socks

Socks are always a decent gift. Designer Socks are a GREAT gift. Click on the link and get these amazing socks for your BDF (best designer friend).

Christmas Gift

7. Dot Grid Sketchbook

Whether your designer friend is a novice or experienced, they all need this dot grid integrated pattern book. It is great for logo designs and UI work.

Christmas Gift

8. Online Fonts, Brushes, Patterns, Vectors, Icons

As mentioned previously, online gifts are amazing. There are plenty of websites that offer paid supplies for designers, but one of our favorites is Creative Market. You can get really creative on there and buy the perfect gift from a designer for a designer.

Christmas Gift

9. Online Courses from Udemy

The gift of education is a gift for life. Udemy offers thousands of courses and tutorials that any designer would love to get their hands on.

Christmas Gift

10. Designer T-Shirt

Design is closely related to fashion. It’s hard for me to imagine a designer that can’t dress fashionably. Make sure your friend gets to wear at least one of these amazing designer T-shirts.

Christmas Gift


What do you plan on giving your designer friend this Christmas? Share your ideas in the comment section below. Merry Christmas!

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