July 13, 2024

CSSDA’s 2015 Website of the Year

Website of the year 2015

Every year CSSDA awards a trophy to honor the best and most outstanding web design and development of the year. This year that award was given to Weber – BBQ Cultures, bbqcultures.com. Weber, a brand known for the design and production of it’s grills that its websites launched a recent campaign titled “Come on Over”.

Weber website of the YearThe website is a visual and interactive contribution to the campaign showcasing different BBQ cultures around the world. The website was created by agencies, UncleGrey and MediaMonks.They did an excellent job at executing the idea of unifying cultures through grilling. Go through an inspirational journey as five different interpretation are shared around the world under one similar concept, grilling.

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  1. Wahha Reply

    I think the site is nice, but UX wise its difficult. It’s hard to get the menus to show up. At least in Chrome, didn’t check it in other browsers.

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