May 20, 2024

Cycle Tab switches between your Chrome New Tab Extensions

Many extensions have been developed for Google Chrome that allow users to add special data into their new tabs. Rather than leaving them blank or setting a homepage, each new tab can instead be customized with add-ons like Momentum or Giphy Tabs.

But what if you like a few of these different extensions? Well Cycle Tab completely solves that problem by automating the switch between each extension.

Whenever you open a new tab in Google Chrome the Cycle Tab extension with randomly give you one of various custom tab features. There are so many to choose from with new extensions being developed year-after-year.

Chrome cycle tabs extension

To install just visit the Cycle Tab website or visit the plugin page on Chrome’s webstore. It runs just like any other extension so it’s just a one-click install to get it running.

For now Cycle Tab is only limited to Google Chrome users based on the current marketplace for “new tab” extensions. In time we may see this ported to Firefox for Mozilla fans.

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