July 19, 2024

dConstruct Conference 2015 goes Futuristic in Brighton

Each year in Brighton the first Friday of September gives host to a day full of tech enthusiasts, coders, designers, and creators sharing their ideas with one another. This one-day event is called dConstruct which was originally created by Clearleft back in 2005.

This conference has grown by leaps and bounds proving to be one of the most popular events for digital creative professionals.

Each year the dConstruct conference follows a particular theme with a thematically-designed website layout. Well 2015 is no different as dConstruct prepares for its exhilarating launch on Friday, September 11th.

dconstruct homepage 2015 layout

This year’s theme is “designing the future” with an incredible Jetsons-esque website layout.

It features vector graphics that can only be compared to George Jetson’s futuristic Hanna-Barbera utopia. The layout follows a clever slanted angle to draw your attention onto individual segments of the page.

I’ve checked out the dConstruct layout every year in recent history and this one is by far my favorite. But the conference’s website layout is only a small part of the excitement!

dConstruct has a handful of speakers lined up to cover subjects ranging from futuristic devices to growth in the field of user experience design and even a bit about time travel.

Here’s a list of current speakers pulled from the dConstruct 2015 website:

Please note that for a one-day conference this can be a pricey event.

Tickets are currently on sale for £159 each(approx $250 USD). However you can get a 10% discount if you sign up to the dConstruct mailing list.

order tickets dconstruct 2015

If you’ve never been to a conference before and want to try it out, or even if you have and might be willing to hit Brighton for a day, then consider mounting a brief expedition to the southern coast of England.

It’s a one-of-a-kind event with great people, awesome food, and plenty of memorable banter to take with you on your journey back home.


Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.

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